Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I like staying up late. There's always a small window in which you are somewhat forced to reflect on all the shit going on in your life and sometimes even the world around you. It makes you question things you don't often question -- Meaning. The meaning behind what others say or do...the meaning behind what you say or do. It's often heartbreaking and dramatic. It's often real emotion. It's often difficult to stay positive. But it's raw and it's real. 

It makes you think. It makes you feel. It makes you appreciate the good moments, but it hurts.
It hurts because it is almost as if we are thawing our brains out. We are thawing out the numbness that the day has fostered for us. 

During the day we are busy. Go to work, go to school, read, write, shop, fuck, eat, shower, scroll through active feeds, scroll through life... scroll..... We are often distracted. We are often numb.

We don't like getting real in any capacity because being numb is addictive. Becoming numb is the goal of so many alcoholics and users. This is similar but a different--encouraged-- mental numbness. 

Getting real sparks emotion. Emotions spark action. Actions spark change. Change endangers those in positions of power. They want us to stay fucking numb. 

Numb feels good. Doesn't take any effort. It's addictive. It's real. And we are all fucking numb.
Scroll on.