Monday, April 20, 2015

Some days

Some days 
I feel like I am sinking,

Stranded in the middle of any ocean. In a place where no one would be able to hear or see my thrashing… my violent (but paradoxically weak) attempts to save whatever life I had left.
Water will fill my lungs. My body will begin to change colors and well, that would be the end of it… No sad theme song to garner pity. No dramatic bird’s eye view to give some bullshit otherworldly perspective. This insignificant, modest death… my grand fucking goodbye! How tragic. How real. How sad.
As much as I’d like to believe I am special or deserving of an exception – I know I am not. 

Some days, 
I feel like I am drowning.
And if I die the next day the sun will rise just as it always does. 
The sun will rise, and the rays will start to burn the skin on my lifeless body around the same time you will be pouring sugar into your morning coffee.