Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Into oblivion and beyond

I'm not sure how to explain it 
I'm not sure if you're my complementary good or my missing peice 
I'm not even entirely sure if there's some cliche to describe it..
How I feel when I'm with you 

I could call you the one but we've already discussed that our inconvenient young age makes it difficult to stay together but I do feel something 

You make me feel something 
And I don't know what it's called 

When I look at you I feel certain... similar to the feeling you get when you get back the results of your final after weeks of anticipation 

When I'm with you I feel like I am in the right spot at the right time or as if time doesn't matter at all
Like I don't need to worry about being anywhere else or seeing anyone else because I'm already where I need to be.... Where I belong 

You represent, you are something to me I've never had growing up... Consistency. but more specifically consistent love 
I don't know why I feel this way towards you but I have a few nonsensical theories
I sometimes feel as if my heart travels with you 
As if it's left my body by something more than free will it left because it had to because what we have is real 
Tangible and visible but only to the only pure entity in our flawed bodies 

This may sound weird but it's like when I'm with you I'm almost not scared to die because as tragic as it and as repetitive as it is as I am quoting one of our mutually favorite bands... To die by your side would be such a heavenly way to die 

But in all seriousness and all comedic coincidences aside I love you and although we can not know forsure what the future holds 

Today, at this very moment, you have my heart
You have my heart as it walks with you 
You are my home and my escape 
To disappear with you would be an honor  I love you and I thank you for making even my greatest fears seem insignificant 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I can't sleep..

Youre awake, I'm awake...

I want to reach out to you but I know I shouldn't...... 

It would have been our 2 years 

But I won't do it I won't do it I won't do it