Wednesday, May 7, 2014

82 days

and i still feel a part of me missing
everyday i waited
and everyday i waited for you
do you ever hear a song
a song that brings you back
brings you back to a moment, a place, a face, a sound, a touch

it brings you back
you almost feel like you've sucessfully traveled through time
to this particular place

sometimes it feels good
but most times it feels bad

like right now

im here with you
in your bed
a touch away from you
i can see you smiling with your eyes closed
i can feel your warmth nearby radiating in my direction
im here with you

i reach out
and you're gone

the walkmen
the smiths
the drums
the strokes
led zeppelin
the doors

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Miss you a little more each day

As we drift further 
I think about you more 
The time we had and what we each took for granted 

Writing this cause I know it wouldn't be right to tell you 
I still think about you
Not sure if this is good bad normal sad whatever

Always hoping you're safe and happy
Want nothing but the best for you 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Senior prom is over with

Constantly thinking about moments
How fast they pass
The ones you'll never remember 

Trying to use a few to just absorb what's going on around me
A transitional phase of trying to learn to be ok with being alone 

One moment at a time 
The tape keeps rolling 
The projector hot 
Will you still be here when the credits roll? 

I need to spend a few trying to remember 
Not thinking not acting
Just absorbing and enjoying my time 
The time,
This time

Too many have come and gone 
I'm lost
Within and around these moments 

Too many have come and gone

I'm lost within these
Within you
And without you 

Moments pass

I'm lost 

Moments pass
Do you still love me? 

Moments pass
I'm lost

Moments pass