Sunday, December 23, 2012


we tend to focus on details while living in the present
when someone asks you what you did today you're able to answer with a detailed response
when we look back on the past year
things start to boil down to the most significant memories
maybe to a few words to describe the main ideas of what has happened in this particular year
a name of your best friend, or boyfriend, a phase you went through, a few activities....
boiling down to...
maybe you can only think of two words now
boiling down further
to reflecting on life in general..
what have you noticed reoccur in your life most?
what has kept you going all this time?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Physical education down time

Birthing parallel universes
Inside of my mind
Is a garden
In the middle of spring
Songs singing blue birds, humming birds, and mocking jays
Products of free time
Alternate realities absorbing the scum and grime that lies beside the reasons we learn to distrust
A place where tears are always happy ones
A place where all voices harmonize and compose into something bigger,
flat, stable enough to balance all of the elements of life previously too strenuous to withhold

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

remembering sassy

i feel like i can remember what you felt like
your persistence
your personality
the way your big green eyes looked like they encased puzzles
the way i could understand you
the way i ignored you
the way i let you be mistreated
the way you died
the way your nails felt when you wanted them to serve as reminders
your bad breath
your loyalty
your face
the way you died