Thursday, August 30, 2012


Being able to do nothing with someone all day and yet being completely and utterly happy.
Just happy.
Genuinely fucking happy.
This, is bliss.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


What are numbers and why variables?
Numbers backed by nothing are just ambiguous sums.
Variables are always unknown ominous, sinister like the quiet people, who avoid eye contact, but want nothing more than what they are incapable of accepting.
The peculiar thing about variables, however, is that they can be found.
But numbers,
Numbers are already known.
Set in their ways,
Often only subject to change when touched by other numbers.
Numbers have to seek discovery through the validation and revelation provided by other various sums.
Whereas, variables are a mystery within themselves and must seek discovery within.
Really searching for each other.
People are numbers and variables.
People are slight paradoxes of the known and unknown.
Ambiguous and blatant.
Inconspicuous and obvious.
Ignorance and discovery.
People are numbers and variables, backed by nothing but their plights and experiences.
All in hopes that they might, one day, be part of a significant sum.

People watching (bored on the way to UCSB)

lots of trees.
too many cars.
Filled with
Picking nails
picking boogers
picking stations
All unaware of my existence
Feisty cold, bites soft.
Sleeping partners
Hollow friends
Street art
Ghetto Eloquence
Long bitch
Lost Angles
Solo riders
Sad bidders
Nail biters
Reflections effecting eye complexions
Sad iris temporary alteration
We're all just people on a freeway trying to get somewhere,
No interaction.
No reason to interact, and yet we have thousands of commonalities we will never address.
And that's it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I slept in your soft water,
Even your shallowest pool is deep.
Everything about it is flawed and yet my weaknesses fit nicely in them,
Like they were supposed to
Like they were meant to be
Surrounded tightly at first becoming accustom to your customs
You were a foreign language.
I was a naive tourist
Indecisive, tripping on small pebbles often, but you
You were loud music
not the kind trying to over power my self amplified tunes
The kind that complimented them
you knew how to keep a beat providing affirmation to even the shortest notes.
I smiled as I realized
You mastered the subtle uninterrupted type transition
From one tone to the next you took me on an adventure
In tune with each others' rhythm
There were brief moments when even we could not deny utter and complete unification,
We eventually learned to stop trying to deny anything at all.
We suspended our freewill in hopes of finding a more satisfying texture of freedom.
I like to think this was a good decision.
I like to think that we are flat footed soldiers running as fast as our capability permits along some shore complete with cold sand, convincing myself that our dirty feet will never stop moving, that our momentum will indefinitely withstand the friction and replenish our tired bodies because our souls remained ready and happy and satisfied and happy.