Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm beginning to question everything and I'm starting to freak myself out in regards to every aspect of life.... What next? now what? life is intimidating and all this shit they told me about when i was younger is starting to feel way too fucking real.. And my biggest fear is that I wont be able to handle even a fraction of it all...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

lone wolf


cause all i know is this shit whack

Summer has been................a short lived roller coaster. I have no perspective view of this summer.....  I need to set some goals, work out, get something substantial going.......... waking up and sleeping where and when ever I want to comes with its pros/cons...... idk I just hate the hassles and the confusions and the misunderstandings .................................................. money and how it is always an issue..... I just want to have fun I dont want to have to worry about this shit.................... FUCKing annoying

ps i still want somewhere to call home
pss now that my best friend has a boy to call her own and seeing her all happy makes me happy but it also makes me want a boy........ sad face discouraged face


Friday, June 22, 2012

A word

where you be
why you always out
you never come around
drink some water
this aint a mother fuckin drought
leave your homies behind
fake status rewind
where you be and why you always out
and i dont think i have the time to try and figure all this shit out
you're a broken street light
mixed signals i can't see shit
blinded by the light
some old school shit
i thought you were cool
but now im not so sure
who you really be
and why are you so hard to read

Monday, June 11, 2012

where is MY heart

i just want a home
it can be simple
it can be small
i just want somewhere to be comfortable
somewhere close to my friends
somewhere i can be happy
a home

Friday, June 1, 2012

snack time

sometimes all i want to do is destroy
big brother
end this war
one bomb one drop
grimy like jaynees dubstep
we can start an arms race
end this war
my arms are weak and low
my body
limp and tired and frail
blows in the wind in fragments
next to your ignorance
your lies
your failures
they fill the sky like heavy gray clouds,
trash in this land fill
its been adding up and it is slowly starting to replace the spot where my compassion used to rest
bitterness is like the dirty water that poisoned our homeland
it flows and flourishes
mocking the person i used to be
you're losing your morals, your moral ground
i am fucking broken
done and finished
this shit will never be fixed
if i have one goal in my life it is to never
never end up like you
and when im gone
feel free to eat your mother fucking heart out