Sunday, January 29, 2012

such nerves

we always beg each other
such nerves.
no one ever understands,
we do.
toppling over each other sometimes like monte and his betrayer,
people dont understand how we work,
like two high mountains, each of us thinking the other is taller,
sometimes we choke, pass out from the thin air,
until we are reduced to rubble, silent,
ears against a sea shell we hear the silent buzz of our freedoms,
jealousy of the masses.
people want what we have, never regarded,
thrown back to the sea.
a sound clap and suddenly it's sinking under the chaos of the waves,
lower it goes with each second,
and as it descends through the constant fight of the ocean
we walk on,
we leave our footprints gently pressed in the sand,
but even those too will soon be gone.
unfamiliar feelings
all stem from this indifferent boredom.
new feelings,
new faces,
they, excite things for a moment
and then they become just another ripple kissing the shore
why do i always find myself
pushing them back as if i'm in search of more
wondering if or when i'll ever be satisfied
even for a while,
even for...

i'm bored again.

Friday, January 27, 2012

sometimes you just have to let your frustrations out

Cold houses lacking both spouses.
This is not uncommon now.
Our government relies on the idle minds of the masses.
Fast paced lifestyles, multiple distractions,
Multitasking hinders a person's ability to think.
This is a fact.
Our busy lifestyles fuel the power of the hidden elite.
I think it's time we go on a treasure hunt bitches.
Return these motherfuckers to the bottom of the sea.
They belong in the deepest depths,
kept away from any presence of light.
Unfilled ballots, ignorance calloused.
Any bit of indifference or neutrality does nothing.
Does nothing, but negatively effect us majority.
We all have voices and yet those privileged to speak are saying nothing.
This is not uncommon now.
We all have voices.
This is a fact.


Chipped Nail-polish on a two time recovering Alcoholic.
This is our nation.
A pack of cigarettes in the pocket of a homeless man.
This is our nation.
Scripted reality shows.
This is our nation.
Kids doing community service only to receive another hour on their sheet.
This is our nation.
Mothers throwing their kids off of skyscrapers.
This is our nation.
You have dreams of people you glanced at on the freeway for a fraction of a second.
Why them?
Conspiracies still unsettled.
Building Seven's debris, families, victims, and all has been swept under the rug.
A lump in plain sight.
A mountain on a plate of clear horizon.
A fucking black whole in the middle of time square.
We must all be blind.
This is our nation.

potential(ly chronic)

blue days and blue nights.
old ways and school fights.
back yard pussies and sad plights,
our world is consumed.
one frequency, producing similar readings to those of high-scale earthquakes.
we are an overpopulated nation with not enough emergency kits to go around.
grab your jogging shoes people because it is now survival of the fittest.
today a bee landed in my hair,
it stayed there. buzzing.
it didn't sting me, it just wouldn't move,
it became content I suppose, comfortable.
so it remained in the safety of my waves,
and continued to buzz.
a stranger had to shake it free, and
reluctantly it set off,
Never to be seen again.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Please don't try to serenade me. I am a one man band.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the girls lose another one

that awkward moment when you find out someone super hot is gay and you want to cry
....girls need to stop being needy bitches so we dont turn off more boys.......

just saying...............

Monday, January 23, 2012

dgafing on finals.......
Can I just say......a boy who can skateboard is soooo sexy........ especially if you look like Emile Hirsch

Thursday, January 19, 2012

i always live near donut shops, but ill never live as close to one as i did yesterday

Donuts only come in big pale pink boxes.
Pale pink boxes filled with a bunch of donuts.
Only with two which are acceptable.
The rest are ones I do not like, even though I have never tried them before I know I do not like them,
It's filled with a bunch of donuts I know I don't like before I've even had them
I am happy with my new home. Things are going to better here. More stable, more consistent. I'm in dire need of some consistency right now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

this time is different

moving is a pain in the ass.
moving is a hard process.
moving is whack as fuck.
all in all, i hate moving.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sore necks and nipples. I still dont know how to whistle.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not having internet at your own house sucks a big fat nut.