Monday, May 31, 2010


My nail polish is chipping and my mom/sister are fighting again

What else is new?

Saturday was fun. I would be blogging but duty calls..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Sam

You know I love you :P

I'm with you on this one.

We'll see how tomorrow turns out. I love my parents tonight. I hope we play bond!

Kiss me

I just want to have a good time.

Carolina's was nice. As always. Mished huh <3. [ Hbdaydannyboy. ] Her church was moving even though I couldn't understand a word.. hahaha one Sunday Carowina, one day they'll have a translator. Better yet, one day I'll understand. >:D

I'm pumped it's Friday tomorrow. Supppperrrrr pumped actually. Hope this weekend turns out awesomes.. I need to practice the dance I learned yesterday otherwise I'm going to forget it and I dont want to get shanked, nope nope nope ;P.

Not that much to say besides I hope I get 3 medallions on medallion day, just sayin. I'm a tad delirious so ignore my incompetence to write right now

Sam you da down b-tch

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I had another blog that will remain a draft. I don't want to be a pessimist.

Bottom line maybe I didn't have the best birthday, but the main thing is there's a lot of people that care. So heres to you:
Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, I love you.
Thanks to everyone who got me something. [Carolina you're amazing, let's not break up again. Thanks for the dress. ] Julio you're just great. Vince thanks for the ride home. I'll pay all of you back one day. Mary I know you have good intentions.

Thanks to everyone who gives a shit and actually wants/enjoys me as a friend. I try my best at being a good friend to you guys as well. I hope you can all tell. Lastly, thanks everyone I really appreciate everything you do for me. And thanks especially to everyone that appreciates me. <3

Thanks Jesus for letting me focus on the light instead of the darkness. I know you're always there for me. I love you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy new year to me

This year was beyond words. I will say, though, that it was definitely an amazing one. <3 I can't wait to start this year out right.. I wonder if anyone is going to call me exactly at 12am. Haha ..probably not, I'll keep you posted (just in case). :) I became close to a lot of great people this year. You know who you guys are, and I love every single one of you with all my heart. Not to be lame. I remember when the count down was on 100& something. Nice. From 5 to 4. That was fast. Sweet.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

You're just like everyone else.

Goodbye for a lifetime. I'll make my stand right here with my friends.

What do I have to say? Oh yeah. I love Carolina and I realized I miss Jaynee. =/

I will never falter. I'll stand my ground. It's adtr night. :) <3 I want to see them live again. Taking a break from hw. I'll start again soon. I finished 1/4 of my science project. Sweet. Half my notebook is done. Yes. Mix it up day was so unorganized it was funny. I don't want to sound cocky, but I don't know what they would have done if I didn't help get it started.. just sayin. Carolina I think you're the only one who's going to end up giving me my birthday present on my birthday. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF TESTING. SOMEONE KISS ME LIKE THE LAST COUNTDOWN OF YOUR LIFE JUST REACHED ZERO. Ugh, that just sounded so good, I'm making myself sad..

I have math homework to do. Aren't I one lucky girl?!!!! (sarcasm <-)
________ _________ _________

Everyone go leave me a question on my formspring, I'm becoming bored..

Ode to snickers

I finished my introduction essay! I'm so proud of myself, hahaha. :) Thanks snickers. You really do cure hunger. 3minis and you're full. Sweet. I'm going to write an ode to you one day snickers, o captain my captain style.

Love, forever.

p.s. Happy Birthday Vince <3 :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi everyone

I have to many things to do now adays. I live for weekends. I have a lot of work that I've procrastrinated on, and now I'm starting to taste the consequences. Today, I went to my friends' band show, you should check them out and buy a cd from me . Anyway, I ended up moshing / dancing by myself. Awesome. (sarcasm<-) Haha, everyone was lame, except the piano player from the band that moshed or whatever you want to call. Yay. Whatever, I had fun and if it lifted the spirit of any one of my friends on stage then I did my job. :) [I know you would have danced with me carolina] Oh just a tip dont try moshing in flats. It doesn't work, and you miiiight almost slip. I don't know just a hunch. Anyway, my birthday is this Saturday. :DD I think I'll be up late tonight, most likely..

"I want to love you, heh, story of my life. What are you waiting for? Just do it already."

I need to take a shower, so I'll make this fast. I was thinking about people who wake up and have "a bad day" and out themselves in this standoffish move, using their bad mood for an excuse to be retarded. I think that's bullshit. Just because you're having a bad hair-day, or didn't make it to work on time, or can't find anything you need, or even lost your carkeys doesn't give you a liscience to be an ass. Get over yourself. Nothing/no one can decide how YOU are going to act. And don't try to change my mind on that. Just thought'd I say that.

Someone join colorgaurd with me (please diana).
I need to work on my notebook, and then take a shower. Boo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love: a feeling meant to spread

This weekend was amazing. <3
To remember:
-seeing mat from syg's twin like 50394 times with a left 4 dead 2 tshirt
-adventures with rocky and sam while exploring the hotel after hours hahaha
-this fat security guard telling rocky he wasnt 22. hahaha shut up fatty
-being chased in an empty pitch black room (looked like a dance studio but with carpet) while trying to do cart wheels
-playing the piano in a room we were supposed to be in that had cameras and never being told to leave. sweet.
-thinking we were locked in not knowing it was supposed to be a joke. must have seemed real.
-falling asleep trying not to tell rocky about -----'s posts on sams wall. giving in. hahahaha <3 whats new
-saturday morning skipping breakfast to sleep in a pitch black hotel room while sam and mary ate ate the nasty breakfast buffet
-sold cds with sam for like a second hahaha (pff)
-trying to find a place to get change for 20s with rocky was harder then it sounded
-told sam i would be in bed by 1:15 . its 1:25 right now
-blasting the new as i lay dying cd i made rocky buy on the way back from the janky target
-being fueled all day by a 5 dollar foot long all day because rocky ate all my goldfish (haha)
-surrounded by cute boys the entire concert. I was one happy girl. =)
-fun/relient k . awesome openers.
-paramore puts on an amazing show. I was impressed. Their set was really good to. Screaming / dancing/ fail wanna be 2 stepping /singing along the whole entire time. Def. kept me moving the entire time. I'm surprised I didn't die. Lost like 2 pounds just over their set. hahaha
-rocky catching zac farrows drum stick like a boss and being smart and hiding it unlike other imbeciles. "i guess my lucky really is lucky" haha
-laughing at people looking at the ground for like five minutes and saying where is it!?!
-laughing at rocky show it off after
-laughing at rocky being able to get back in the arena to buy merch
-cute boys finding us after [:D] I call dibs on the second tarzan. Mexican yoni who was on my dick hxc (haha)
-rocky bought me a relient k shirt (yay) wearing it tomorrow.
-going to desperate measures to find cold water. hahaha.
-felt like i went up to the room and back down 2495 times in a matter of an hour
-sleep. i miss the hotel pillows.
-sunday leaving and going back to target and getting a dress (its nothing special)
-back home listening to KRAB. sleeping like a baby.
-watching signs. If someone asks me what my favorite movie is I'm going to say signs for now. good movie m. night.
-sleep now. boo monday tomorrow.

Carolina what are we doing for my birthday this weekend?! ..probably Disneyland hahaha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

500th post

So happy its Friday tomorrow. I've got a lot of things to do, but it'll be worth it :) Ugh, I'm going to miss the blessed sacrament fair, unless I make it back early Sunday :D. Hm.... but I'll think about that later. I have 2039583 projects I have to do, and I know I'm not going to get any of it done this weekend. Yipfreakinyee.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[21:23] michellexdear: what do you think
[21:23] Jimmy Nguyen: hmmm its ok
[21:23] Jimmy Nguyen: but not my type of music
[21:23] Jimmy Nguyen: sorry ):
[21:23] michellexdear: its all good just not going to ask you to sadies anymore
[21:23] michellexdear: hahaha bye jimmy
[21:24] Jimmy Nguyen: LOL ok bye

just sayin ^

i was going to post something with diana but our talks are confidential haha <3

Monday, May 10, 2010

this is to all city slumpers,

your curb slumbers are the best out there.

Just wrote a poem about the poor and the rich and hope. I didn't like it, because it was a little forced to finish and you can feel it. I think I'm just going to write poem after poem until I get the "this is it" vibe. Sounds like a plan. CST tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep right now. Night everybody.


p.s. theres so many things I want to put on paper that are raging inside of me right now, its crazy. I feel uneasy, like I'm going to burst. I need sleep. It'll have to wait, I can't wait... I love writing. I can't get enough of it. Write. Write. Write. How could anyone hate you.

Happy mothers day.

[23:57] michellexdear: jimmy
[23:57] michellexdear: guess what
[23:57] Jiminh96: mihcelle
[23:57] Jiminh96: what
[23:58] Jiminh96: michelle*
[23:58] michellexdear: you know youre everyones favorite right
[23:58] michellexdear: ahaha
[23:58] michellexdear: like out of my group of friends
[23:58] michellexdear: we had a conversation about you the other day
[00:00] Jiminh96: about what
[00:00] Jiminh96: how im sexy
[00:00] michellexdear: ya! how'd you know
[00:00] michellexdear: no
[00:00] michellexdear: haha
[00:01] michellexdear: we were just talking about how you were tight
[00:01] michellexdear: and we all agreed
[00:01] michellexdear: that you're fun
[00:01] michellexdear: :)
[00:02] Jiminh96: stop it
[00:02] Jiminh96: your making me blush

I love this kid, hahaha.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend was lame. Next weekend is going to be tight. Sam remind me to invite you to it. Keep your whole weekend open. Would have invited you sooner but I'll tell you why later. Other than that, going to do homework right now because I know its impossible for me not to have some. Hm.. I need to start my project, I was planning on starting after CSTs but I don't know... hms.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lots of homework. Gross.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best thing I've set my eyes on in awhile.

Sometimes I think the fates must grin as we denounce them and insist,
The only reason we can’t win is the fates themselves have missed.
Yet, there lives on the ancient claim – we win or lose within ourselves,
The shining trophies on our shelves can never win tomorrow’s game.
So you and I know deeper down there is a chance to win the crown,
But when we fail to give our best, we simply haven’t met the test
Of giving all and saving none until the game is really won.
Of showing what is meant by grit, of fighting on when others quit,
Of playing through not letting up, it’s bearing down that wins the cup.
Of taking it and taking more until we gain the winning score,
Of dreaming there’s a goal ahead, of hoping when our dreams are dead,
Of praying when our hopes have fled. Yet, losing, not afraid to fall,
If bravely we have given all, for who can ask more of a man
than giving all within his span, it seems to me, is not so far from – Victory.
And so the fates are seldom wrong, no matter how they twist and wind,
It’s you and I who make our fates, we open up or close the gates,
On the Road Ahead or the Road Behind.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I was doing this survey and I came across this question that I knew I couldn't answer truthfully, but I began to smile because no-one knows the answer to that question. No-one besides you and me. And no one can take that away. Sometimes I forget whats in my dreams and whats reality, but this time I'm glad it was reality. Hope, hope comes knocking on my door soon, because I'm even having trouble remembering what I live to remember..

P.S. I wanted to post this before I erased the question . I also want to explain how hard keeping the most wanted thing you want to rant about quiet, and in the barriers of your mind. This is only half off topic, but I'm honestly trustworthy. Some people take that for granted. Remember the people you have in your life, and then take them out of the picture. See if you not caring enough is worth having them being torn from the photo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My new favorite song.

What else do I have to say, oh yeah, didn't do any homework (yet). Rank 14/397 in my class. People shawk. <3

It's may!

Sweet! I know it's already 5, but I think I'm going to get dressed and go outside or something.. It's nice outside and I feel gross haha.

That was unfinished ^ I did go outside by the way and messed around a bit. Good stuff.

This weekend:

Friday- 4 hour nap:) / had a movie night

Saturday- Rugby game. I have like 300 bruises scattered all over my body. Then home. Shower. InNout. Played l4d with n00bs hahaha.

Sunday- Woke up, played xbox for like 4 1/2 hours with noobs again. We were a bit more productive this time around. Ate about 573 cuties. Good stuff. Watched the princess bride. Good stuff. Watched gene simmons for forever. Rode the mongoose around a bit. Fun stuff, Carolina next time you come over my Dad's going to make you ride it just to let you know hahaha.

Looking back at this weekend I feel like all I did was kill zombies and complain about being sore. Hey, whatever works :)