Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wow, just fell asleep waiting for something to print.. Pathetic. So much work to do, so little time. From the looks of it I'm going to be up really late tonight and tomorrow and the next night. Awesome.
Off the top of my head to do list(no order):
-find dress or buy dress for broadway
-do element poster
-get parent sig.
-finish factoring w/s
-finish study guide
-buy kazoos
-learn script / practice
-do spelling activity
-call sam to see if my dress is @ her house; remind about coat
-call carolina to figure out how she's getting to my house; remind about bag/scissors
-shave legs/ shower
-update checklist
-update needslist

I think that's it for today :/ I have to get to work, and find a strategy to not fall asleep while doing all of this. Hm, I'll put on my why cd I have to sing every word, have. too.

Monday, March 29, 2010

mgheyy then.

pay back.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Haven't posted much lately. Been busy. I'm tired,(as usual). Always something to do.. And I have a lot to do before I leave. Today wasn't as successful as I would have liked so that means I'll probably have to go shopping all day Sunday.. Game tomorrow. Eh. I have to get up early. Eh. I bruised my toes. Eh. I don't like nags. I especially don't like nags when I'm tired. I really don't like nags when they nag me everyday. = I especially, really, don't like nags when I'm tired, (which is everyday). I have a lot of work to do that I'm not looking forward to. I have to finish my script by Tuesday. I have to have everything by Thursday at the VERY latest. I have to be packed and ready to go on Friday at the VERY, VERY latest. I have a presentation to edit Sunday at the latest. Then I have some busy work, but that won't take much thinking.. I don't even know what suitcase I'm going to use, how sad.. I guess I thought I would have more time then this, but I don't. It's going to be interesting seeing how all of this pans out....

Ok, I'm tired.
Oh, but before I go.. soon all of this will be over and I'll be back in the exact same spot where I am now, doing the exact same thing I'm doing now. Blogging about my experiences. But when all of that is done and finished and I get a chance to breathe, I'll be thinking about this moment. I'll be thinking about how I'll always get through any tough situation whether it wears me to my core. I'll be thinking about how you always have to wake up no matter how badly you tell yourself to go back to sleep. I'll be thinking about how fast time actually goes, and where I'll be in five years. I'll really be thinking about how much I'm looking forward to falling asleep. I'll think about everything and anything, and why not to take them for granted.
xo michelle

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hope I'm right about my homework, (that I have none). Practice was good tonight. I've been eating a lot of junk lately, I need to stop. It's just so hard when you have such easy access to like 20 bags of candy. Temptation is everywhere, remember that..

[21:35] : i love you mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
[21:36] michellexdear: i love you to seriously youre fun
[21:36] michellexdear: =)
[21:37] : hahaha
[21:37] : why
[21:37] : because i have teretts?
[21:38] michellexdear: of course
[21:38] michellexdear: !
[21:38] michellexdear: no hahaha but we're always laughing
[21:38] michellexdear: and if were not laughing
[21:38] michellexdear: were eating
[21:38] michellexdear: and if were not eating
[21:38] michellexdear: were sleeping
[21:38] : hahahhahahhahahahha
[21:38] : you q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:38] : <3333
[21:38] : you're like
[21:38] : the most easiest person to get along with
[21:39] : you're too legit to quit
[21:39] : i'm telling you
[21:39] : you're gonna be someone in high school
[21:39] : no doubt
[21:40] michellexdear: hahaha you're freakin great

=) good times
I just want to say that I'm so fortunate to have the people in my life that I have. You guys are great.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Get excited

I need to go shopping as much as possible this week and the next. I might have to devout one entire day of the weekend to shopping... my trip is spring break and I haven't done any shopping/ preparing. Crap, hahaha.
Who wants souvenirs? Do you care what you get?
comment please.

Ran the mile today. 7:35. 5 seconds to late. Thats when it starts to get annoying. Today was beautiful! The weather was perfect for running.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

whos your inspiration besides godddd

I get inspiration from everywhere! People being the biggest factor and how they act. If someone does something wrong, I'll tell myself don't do that or they should have said that. If a person does something worth admiration I'll try to figure out what they did to get where they are now. Some of it comes from my older friends and their life stories they share with me.. Career/Character wise : Clint Eastwood, Kathryn Bigelow, James Cameron, and Rod Serling. That's all I can think of right now, but plenty more..

Ask me anything

Mary Kae party. Scored on some make up. Homework. Food. Homework. Harry Potter. Homework. Shower. What I haven't done I will do. That's today. This weekend wasn't as face paced as I would have liked, but it was okays. =)


I'm so blessed it's ridiculous. A note to everyone, take nothing for granted.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I tried to talk about it over breakfast

but you made a joke out of it.

I wrote you a letter on the flight home, but then it turned into a love poem, and of course I couldn't send it then.

My eyes are tripping out I think it's my sugar levels. Carolina starved me this weekend. That'd make sense ..but its not summer yet! Haha, I missed meme. <3 I forgot about thrift stores. Glad they got revived. Tomorrow if I wake up in time I'll go to the Mary Kae party. We'll see how I feel. I'll break out my bike and bike myself over there. >:P After that I'll come home play xbox because I haven't played in the longest time and my console didn't do anything to deserve that.. then I'll do homework. Don't you just love my priorities? Haha. I didn't like the course of making this essay, I know it couldn't be helped, but I don't likes it. Crap, I forgot to call someone, whoops. Eh I'll call when I go to sleep.

Guys can we talk about attitudes and energy? Today I just reflected how ridiculous people can be. Please please please don't be jerks. If you're having a bad day turn it around, but don't take it out on people. It's called self control. Come on now. If you don't like the person don't talk to them or about them. Move on, grow up. Stop all this negative energy to, it's depressing. I'm not saying I'm perfect. I'm just evaluating some aspects of life that I run into everyday. If you're not happy with your life change it, and if you can't change IT change your outlook on it, your way of thinking about it, the way you approach it. It sounds harder then it is. I speak from experience. Let's stop trying to sabotage people to make your self look better. If you can't get what they have, you're doing something wrong, not them. Let's do what we can to help instead of saying "man they should do that, or if only that were like this, or that'd work so much better if that were this way" because you know what, no one in this world thinks like you. And whether or not people want to accept it or not every single person on this earth is original. And if you don't get your ideas out there, if you don't force yourself to speak up you're ideas will never be heard! If there's one thing I want to be able to say at the end of the day, it'd be 'I made an impression on someone or something today.' Because really, what are you? You are what you do. The choices you make, the things you say, the actions you choose to take. It's as simple as that. If you don't do anything, if you don't say anything, you will be nothing. And everyone deserves to be something. Take your thoughts and go annoy someone or something with them, whether it's a journal or a friend's memory. If you get to thinking I can do this and no one can tell me otherwise because this is my life and I'll make of it what I want. You'll be unstoppable. Try going into a day with a positive mind set, because the slightest thought can be life changing, but not if you don't put it to work. I guess I'm saying.. get up, live, and get to work.

Ok, I'm tired.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

@ the bottom of everything

She looks at the man and she says where are we going?! and he said we're going to a party.

Whoops, I'm supposed to be getting ready right now. My bad .

I find

new truths and new lies each day.
Things will stay good. Lie. Things will get better. True.
People who care cherish your presence. Lie. People who care take you for granted. True.
Things can always be better. True. Things can always be worse. True.

I found myself going through this week just to get through it. It's kind of like when you're reading a page of a book after you've been reading for awhile and your mind leaves the page and drifts to thinking about something else. The only thing is, you're still reading, still turning the page, you're just not getting anything out of it. You end up having to reread the page. Ya, that was this week... I seem to only read the weekends because that's when everything comes alive. I have a Saturday off. Sweet.

Studied my Math until I couldn't look at anymore numbers. There is a lot to remember though, so I hope I don't freeze up. Made a regular formspring since nosey people won't ask a question unless they can see answers to other questions.

Is it weird to say that my right eye gets tired before my left? If so, that's a confession Diana ;P .

I need sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a big day. Ok, so its not going to be a big day but I haven't heard / said that in a long time.

Feels good.
Love you all.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have the promise of everlasting life with Him through His son, Jesus. And because we know God will fulfill that promise, even when we don’t see Him at work on our timetable, we can be sure He’s at work on His timetable. That will give us strength in our weakness, hope in our despair, and abundant life even in the valley of the shadow of death.

This is how it works

Play on mental illness was pretty interesting. First performer was the best. I felt the real. Turns out it was real.. I was hoping one of them would have skits. I know that's kind of bad to say, but it just would have hit me harder.. or they should had one segment of their performance where one of them was talking to someone that wasn't really there, only there to the person with skits, and making us put two and two together. I think that would be really effective. Ugh, I should of told them especially since it was a nonprofit organization..

Hm.. I just gave myself an idea for a script. Sweet.

I still have homework to get to which I should have already finished. Should get my scores in the mail soon, don't think I did very well.. Whatever. Whats meant to be will be. >;D It takes some people longer then others to realize that. Well, call me when you figure out whats right in front of you..

I'll be here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Install a beak in the Heart that clucks time in Arabic

Nap soon. Love getting out early. I need to book a dentist appointment, I haven't been in awhile.. Today seemed long, but it was short. It felt like a blur as well. I don't feel like I lived it out. Feels like a dream. Which reminds me, I woke up Sunday, thinking a lot of my dreams were real. It's been awhile since I convinced myself my dreams were real, REM you funny function you.. Side note, sam said my feet were moving almost the whole night. Guess you didn't work to well REM... better luck next time. On another subject, how many of you love cremesicles?

Btw, online social networks need to find away to pick them selves up again. Tired of it. Good depending on how you look at it though, less time on the computer = more time for sleep.


I have to check into rehab because baby you're my disease.

I guess that's what I get for wishful thinking.

As I wait for a song to load lets talk about this weekend.

Saturday in one word - eventful. A rugby game in the ghetto and winning by two points, (thank you paige). Getting to the show to late, meeting new people. Observing tarzan and jane and trying not to laugh. Dancing with everyone <3. Beating up Julio <3 <3 haha. Julio's sams club joke. Watching Rocky dance by himself. Hahaha love that kid. <3 Deep talks about life and government conspiracyies with vince and giving him advice. <3 Sam's puppy and her making fun of my feet constantly moving as we sleep <3 Sam's mom <3 Writing and secretly being on the computer <3

ya so

shady aftermath

Friday, March 12, 2010


Your Personality Type
Extrovert / Intuitive / Feeling /Perceiving

You are a very creative optimist who never has a shortage of new ideas. You accept others as they are, like to be helpful, and are compassionate. Your freedom and independence are very important to you. Your well-developed insight into others and communication skills allow you to inspire those around you. You have a good sense of humor and love to have fun.

In relationships you may turn intimacy into an all-encompassing pursuit. You are very aware of what those around you are thinking and doing. Your people skills allow you to make friends instantly and make almost anyone comfortable. You tend to idealize your relationships. You like your relationships to be very intense--you want to feel everything. The warmth and affection you give others is very deep and genuine.

Famous People of Your Type:

Franz Joseph Haydn, Samuel Clemens, Will Rogers, Buster Keaton, Theodor "Dr." Seuss Geisel, Mickey Rooney, Carol Burnett, Paul Harvey, Elizabeth Montgomery, Bill Cosby, Dom Delouise, Dave Thomas, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Robert Downey.

Occupations Suited to Your Type Include:

Actor, artist, clergy, consultant, director, entertainer, entrepreneur, personal service provider, journalist, marketer, media specialist, mediator, recruiter, sales person, business owner, teacher, and writer.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Should the rich be taxed more to help the poor? Why?
Do you believe taxing the rich more will actually help the poor?


I want to see what everyone thinks *comment with answer. I already know what I think. =)
Tell you after I get some answers and I'll try to defend my ideals. I think the only people who are going to comment this are Diana, Carolina, maybe Derrick and Linda. Derrick might cheat though, I'm pretty sure he knows what I think already.

Answer on anonymous if you don't have an account!

Exhausted to say the least. I had to get coffee @ 7:30 at night just to be able to come home and do my homework without falling asleep, (and I never get coffee). From teaching 4 sessions straight without break was crazy, and I couldn't help but feeling like a robot! After that was clean up. Listened to a motivational speaker. When I was free to go it was straight to Brenda's house for 10 minutes. Called for information about the test I had to go take. Went to the school and sat in a room for 2 and 1/2 hours taking a longer version of an IQ test. From there I got home and was able to eat, trying to rush so I could take a nap before I had to go again. Took a "nap" for 15 minutes; didn't fall asleep. I was in like one of those states where your eyes are closed, but you still know whats going on around you, and you're coherent enough to know someone is coming to get you up already,(one of the most annoying things ever)! Sat in a meeting for almost an hour and a half. Came home. Here I am. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. Looking forward to homework and rugby tomorrow!!! Whooopieeeeeeeeee :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does anyone want to live my life for me tomorrow? In the mean time.... I can just sleep.


Practice and Studying.
Final thoughts and brainstorming in journal.
Wake up and Repeat.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pick up your crazy heart, and give it one more try.

Oscars night. Missed the beginning because ... long story. hah =) My Mom's birthday today. Everyone's moms are having their birthdays, funny. My neck hurts =) Olive garden was great. I love movies. Inspired to start making short films. I'll at least start writing some.. might as well. This weekend went by fast because when our rugby games are late, they take up the whole day. This weekend and last weekend, really fast. Both fun, just super speed.

Ran into my buddy fate today, it's been awhile since I've looked at you straight in the eyes, and yet I'm still not able to read if they're blue, green, or black. Let's share our experience shall we: ..Actually it's kind of hard to explain the whole story in words, if you're interested ask me about it. It involves: Liars, Sinners, judging others, conscience, self control, the difference between regrets and when it's time to let go, a story about a missing purse and bus fair, the smell of cigarettes, angry moms, and outside of jamba juice after last weekend's rugby game clashes head on with tonight and olive garden's parking lot after my Mother's birthday dinner.

Let's talk about sleep. Sleep's interesting to me because so many things are going on with you, most of which you can't remember. All of which you do every night, 356 nights [wow something is wrong with me i just saw 365 a second ago(yikes)] a year. That is if you're lucky. That's besides the point though, the point is we all sleep, a lot, (whether we admit it or not), and with out sleep we wouldn't function. Plain and Simple. So what are we doing while we sleep? We grow, we breathe, we snore, we snort, we make noises, we cry, we scream, we grind our teeth, we move, we kick, we move our feet in little circles, and last but not least, we dream. All off the top of my head, and I just thought of more; we can't forget about our brain and how it never shuts off, and how our heart is still pumping blood throughout our body just in enough time so you don't pass out. Amazing. Which carries me away to thousands of other interesting things all leading to how amazing and perfect our body is, how well designed, and I'm not sorry if I won't believe I'm part chimp. But I'll stick with sleep. From the rates to why I fall asleep faster then you, or the reason I have night terrors and you don't, or the times I remembered my dream, and you didnt. It's all something I want to look into.. Does it have to do with what we ate that day? Organic or processed? Does it have to with how much we talked that day, or how smart we are? Does it have to do with the movie we saw that day, or the medication we're on? All seems so obvious, but all unspoken. Or can it be deeper then that.. Does it have anything to do with our race or the person you bumped into last tuesday with the glass eye? Can it lead to your grandmother's diabetes, or the shot your grandfather got as he walked through ellis island? A symbol for something going on in your life, or wants you don't know you want yet? Or places you've never been yet, (deja vu which comes from the root 'already seen')? Maybe religion, a revelation? Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to be brought a message from an angel distributed through a dream? So many possibilities... the biggest or what I see they all lead into ? Lifestyle.

Which reminds me...


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Carolina adopt me

I miss you too. I'll be rushing when it comes down to it. What else is knew? I wish I had an automatic leg shaver. Won today. Didn't feel like a win, but it was. Anyone else out there so cold that their fingers are numb? Call me when your neck sounds like it's shattered as you look to fast to the right, or to fast to the left. Let me know when you have an extra body to spare. -5 years off my life, but hey I feel fine. Honest.

Shower is to tempting. Update later. Text/Call if you need me.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Have you got a soul?

Have you got anything at all?

Why do we wait so long?
Persuasive essay topics, thinking about : Should the rich be taxed more to help the poor? No. or Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18? Yes. The first will be more of a challenge, but it's something I believe in, and I can pull it off no doubt it just take some effort. And for my second possibility doesn't seem easy, but it's easy. I could easily win the debate for that one with a few solid arguments.

Practice was a lot of running.. forwards had it super easy today. Annoying. Discovered one of the coolest music sites ever today. Impressed.

Award tomorrow. Everyone bailed. Who am I going to bring now?

That kid with the rat tail is hilarious.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Destruction of small ideas

Legend has it that when he awoke, he sensed that he had received and lost the infinite thing, something he would never be able to recover, or even to destroy from afar, because the machine of the world is exceedingly complex for the simplicity of men.

[-] will not be my salvation but it might be enough time for me to slip through the cracks and surface inside one of my dreams.


I like you, you're all about everything.