Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just finished rough editing and I'll just be getting ready for bed. Still have stuff to do. What a hassle. Good night.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You'll never know I'm after you

What has been on my mind lately: Calories. Numbers. Deadlines. Religion. Not being good enough. Understanding to much. Difficulty level rising. Talents. Competion. Injuries. Being sick. Getting over being sick. Friends. Friend's drama. Trying to be a good friend and a meeting all my other responsibilities and still finding time for sleep. Thinking of one friend who has to go through that same deal, but has it 19349572x worse. Just felt a jab of guilt in my stomach. Problems. My problems are small compared to others. Others. I think of myself to much. Myself. Crap. Others, others, others. Others! Sketchy government. Sketchy topics. Don't tell me I came from apes. Especially don't tell me I evolved from an animal still in existence. Just saying. Fake Clouds that are really a form of environmental warfare in testing. What?

Just did some research:
This has nothing to do with the following but I just found this and has got me thinking on a whole new topic. Medicine. Anyway, make sure to watch this one just ignore the subtitles.

Haha, I didn't get the swine flu shot! And people call me crazy for thinking twice before I swallow medicine. Why trust people now adays, the world is getting desperate guys.. All predicted just not taken seriously. If that's not a good enough reason for you medicine is pretty sketchy and there are side effects. Of course you're not crazy if you take a couple advil because of a head ache or something. I'm just saying think twice before you let doctors inject you with things, or think twice before you swallow pills.. She's right it always comes back to who does it benefit? Do you really think the people who make medicine (in a generalization) care about your health? It is a business you know. Think about it, they could be holding back on us, if there were no sick people around or not enough sick people around the economy would plummet even worse, every where. The medical field is a big field. Pay checks need to be filled out. But who knows I could be wrong. I am only watching youtube videos and basing information off the information I find off websites I find off search engines... (I'm not being sarcastic)

true? who knows..
The music is in English, kind of ironic.

Found this thought I'd might share it even though none you will watch the whole thing unless your interested in some of things I find interesting. =P
Finally, a different side of things we hear about global warming. Finally something that doesn't tell me about my doom or that tells me I need to take a 5 minute shower every day. Just interesting to hear something new.

It's getting late, enough for now, it's all so interesting!

It's all around us.

If I was a booger would you blow your nose? Would you keep it? Would you eat it?

Just posting really fast before I blow dry my hair.. Tuesdays with lots of homework and never enough time, what else is new? My grandma made me new slippers, yay! I'm going to ask her to add a little decoration fluff on top ='). Thanks Mommy-Yiya. Practice was gay. I don't really like tuesday practice in general, except for baskins one dollar scoops after. Don't buy yogurt at yoyumyum or w/e in costa mesa, bigggg rip off. My favorite teacher picked me for this special award (you can only pick one student), pretty pumped on being pumped about that. Yeah, parents don't care much just another paper to the pile to them. =D I bring home straight As, and get a 'good job'. My sister brings home a c average and she gets a standing ovation. #Nbd. Filming tomorrow. I didn't get to writing the script tonight, but I'll write some of it during my free time tomorrow and then just go with the flow as we go along filming. I still think it's going to turn out nicely.

I keep writing myself into rust.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Do you realize you apologize when it's not your fault? We're all fucked up. Do you really care? We're all running out of time.

It's already 7, not looking forward to homework. I get more homework then Carolina. No one gets more homework the lina. <3 I skated my heart out for a good cause today. I have a bruise on my ankle bone now because this girl doesn't know how to play hockey. Every where you go! I've been in this anthony green mood lately, just thinking of me in my car blasting him on my way to pick up diana and showing her around long beach. I'd get her into it for-sure.

My voice still isn't back to normal, I hate being sick!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keep your lonely eyes to yourself and fold yourself away.

I refrained from posting to keep Craigery and myself as the main post for longer then a day.

So I get sick about once a year, and now would be that time. I've slept more this weekend then anyone could wrap there mind around. I just finished up my homework and will study to refresh my memory later. I spent more time in bed this weekend then I did eating, then I did talking, then I did on the computer, watching tv, or keeping my eyes open. Lots of dreaming I did this weekend. My dreams got crazy. I lost weight because my appetite was(is) non existent. I almost died a couple times due to being un able to breathe because mucus was blocking my air ways, not fun. I could barely talk, but somehow found way to talk on the phone, shows dedication, how good a friend I am, and how insanely bored out of my mind I was. I was to sick to make it to the game, but we won =) 49-0 , yay. I hope it was league we need those points..

I desperately look for something that wants my help because I need its compassion in return. I desperately look for something to do because I can't keep my dreams still. I find things to do when others can't keep up, keep up. I day dream because your talking doesn't suit me. When I'm doing something I don't want to be doing, my mind wanders until I go so far I can't find my way back, and just like that I'm lost.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sexy, you know you have my heart.
I just had to say a few things tonight before I pass out. 1) tonight was one of the most amazing nights of my life. 2) I can`t get over / process / believe that I met craig owens, one my favorite and most looked up to people of all time. I'm in love with that irresistably sexy man. 3) SYG you were mind blowing, thank you for the best set of my life.

With out further or do, God bless all of you and i hope your monday night was as good as mine. Stay genuine.

p.s. nothing can get me down right now, not after tonight.
I just had to say a few things tonight before I pass out. 1) tonight was one of the most amazing nights of my life. 2) I can`t get over / process / believe that I met craig owens, one my favorite and most looked up to people of all time. I'm in love with that irresistably sexy man. 3) SYG you were mind blowing, thank you for the best set of my life.

With out further or do, God bless all of you and i hope your monday night was as good as mine. Stay genuine.

p.s. nothing can get me down right now, not after tonight.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Athazagoraphobia: the fear of being forgotten.

I'll never forget you.

Set your goals, this is happening.

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I should be sleeping right now, but no.... What the heck were going to eat in almost celebration of Valentines, no thanks. Anyway while Hallmark makes more money then ever before, I'll be taking a shower. Mmmm, Happy New Year to whomever it applys. I'm way pumped for SYG!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I'm sorry that this has to be annonymous. If it were any other way, it would lose its sense of secretiveness and we wouldn't want that, now would we? I just wanted to let you know that I've read every single one of your blogs, all the way back to the one about the caramel drum stick. You have this way about you, maybe it's the way you look at people or the way you laugh. It makes people naturally want to get to know you better. Or maybe it's the fact that you're surrounded in a sea of asians. It's true though, it's a pity you live in Westminster because you could go so far if you lived in a greater city, in a larger crowd. We don't talk anymore. I never see you. We never actually really started talking. It was one of those awkward small talks, and then we'd drift off somewhere and not come back. I remember the first time you hugged me, which is kind of weird now that I mention it. No homo. I don't know where this post is going. I guess I realized the other day that I really care about you, and I'd really like to get to know you better. I figured without anything else to say, I was hoping I'd be able to make your day in some small way or so. - A friend."

Whoever wrote this on my formspring, I fucking love you. Can you call me or something?
Last night was amazing fun. Disney to me playing matchmaker and playing with the cutest little puppy ever. Almost stayed up for a full 24 hours. Almost. Woke up ridiculously late and I cant process that it's 4. Wow, okay I don't know how I'm getting home and if Sam is coming with. I had oatmeal for the first time in my life this "morning". We slept on the floor, but it was surprisingly super comfortable. The neighbors have been having a dance party since 11 in the morning. Really? Pretty freaking annoying if you fell asleep @ 6. So now, I'm looking forward to dinner and monday and set your goals and playing my xbox. All this talk about food is making me hungry (Christie). Health kick is slowly working. I need more drive and commitment. It's hard when you don't buy your own food.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forever yours

No phone for now, call my house if you need me (or if you just want me :), if you don't have it ask.

Mile time is down to 7:40 and I didn't even try that hard today so I think I'll be able to get 730s if I really start trying. I just need 3. 3!!!!! I can do this. Pshhh, I am going to do this. Another medal will look good if I want to do hurdles or track =)

In other news, (haha) I ate up my day taking a two hour nap and playing call of duty. Yikes. Already almost 12, and I can't help but feel like everything else and everyone else is moving around me and I'm staying still. The only one in this whole world not making a move. Everyone is already set, already knows their next move. So I'm sitting here writing this but I'm not really writing this. And I was thinking about how I talk with some people, but I don't really talk. I don't see what they mean, I don't mean what I mean, but only because there's no meaning to it. It seems like the people that I actually talk to [that number] is slowly decreasing. The people that still actually talk for more then small talk. I find that someone people still want to be there but aren't because of some unbalanced force influencing their decisions to be my friend, to really be my friend. Either they're scared because society holds them back from what they really want to do or they're bored. Thank you to all that care. Thank you to all that will always be there. Thank you to all I can reach out to and always find. Thank you to all that don't see me as a number, don't see me as a face, don't see me as just some lanky little girl who thinks she knows what she wants, don't see me as skinny jeans and messy hair, and thank you to those who believe in me, but most importantly just thank you to those that care.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Notoriety pt. 2

To whoever it may concern: This is your wake up call.

So go pop out your 3D glasses you hid on your way out the door and take 200 pictures of you wearing them. Post them on myspace. Don't forget to buy colored contacts and wear them to school acting as if they make you different. Bring your hairspray to school and tease your hair till it falls out. Borrow eyeliner if you forgot it at home. Wear wanna be uggs to school because you say you're cold except you're wearing short shorts you shouldn't be wearing. Pull out you're im not hungry shit and skip lunch but come around and ask if I have candy or if you can have some of my food. Pretend you're bad and talk about how you're going to beat that girls ass because you're bffl told you she called you a bitch. To bad you'd lose in fight to your 82 year old grandmother. Find your way to your friends house and get drunk and then tell everyone how cool you are, what they don't know is how you told you parents you were staying after for extra help. Invite everyone to your 'kick back' but really 'kick backs' are just an excuse to cause drama by excluding your "friends" that you don't like because they told you to go screw yourself. Find anyway to intimidate someone who seems weaker then you so you can recruit them and then turn them into one of your clones. Even if how you do it makes you look like an idiot. Even if you are an idiot. Don't forget to tell your new boyfriend for a day how much you love him!

Get lost.


4 day weekend. Really? I just realized I forgot to call someone today, and now it's to late. Anyway, just to summarize this weekend: Dear John- was horrible, waist of money. L4D2 - harder then the first. Set your goals - bought my ticket. Superbowl Sunday - mark's friend ben is a cutie, saints won. Monday - codmw2 > l4d2.

Showdown tomorrow if people don't know how to shut their mouths. Whatever, when hockey rolls around we'll see who's watching who..

Bought new cleats, excited.
4 day weekend next weekend, excited.
Easy As, excited.
Friends, excited.
Set your goals, excited.
Hotels, excited.
Relient K, excited.
Spring break, excited.

Closest thing to look forward to: 2:12 pm tomorrow. Sweet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

And getting ready for party time... rides leaving around 4 have to be ready.

+It's a shame people don't answer their phones these days. That's one thing about me, I always answer my phone.

Living life, feeling free, that's how it's supposed to be.

Today feels right. Good. I like this. Im feeling this.

love you all

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm in love with this man.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


and this is why I say no one. Ugh, you don't know any better is only going to get you so far.

Practice was lame. I'm not going to do my homework tonight. I'm going to make a few calls, jump in the shower, and go to sleep.

This is freaking chill..

Night Everyone.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handshakes are those of formal pleasants

I dream pleasants.

Found out where I'm staying this spring break, and this is the first time I've been genuinely excited for it. Looking forward to a lot of things now. I can't decide if it makes time go by slower or faster. Maybe if I'm in the mental state of 'time is going by fast' it'll go by fast. Worth a shot.
[22:06] samantha4795: haha
[22:06] samantha4795: dude im excited for next year
[22:06] samantha4795: this summer and next year
[22:06] michelle-: YEAH
[22:06] michelle-: im excited for the future period.

I might buy myself a bike, but forsure a renewal on my disney pass. This weekend what are we doing?
Funny conversations with faces that don't have a clue on what to do and how to do things and where to go and what to say and what to do with themselves, reminds me of me. It's weird knowing more for once.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Take to you

Just a fast post. Not much to today, just another monday. Won football game. Ran the mile. Done deal. I need to eat less crap. Practice tomorrow =/ I want to go to Disney Land this wes. Carolina hit me up if you're down. Avatar ends Titanic's reign as highest grossing movie ever, and Jim did it again. Sweet. I didn't nap today, weird.. so speak low if you speak love.

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