Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've always been frisky

Haircut was an over all success. I mean it's a great cut, it's just it's so short!!! Whatever though, I'm not sad. No time for sad. It's going to grow out great though. Pictures later.

how do you do your hair in the mornings?!
I wake up. I brush. I go. Seriously, I don't do much at all. If I do anything it'd just be a little straightening in the back because I don't want to look like a desperate housewife. I don't tease although people always ask me if I do. I'm assuming you like it, thanks, some people hate me for it. Losers..

i know you well enough to know that you never whisper

Wow, you know me well! I've always been a loud person, and I don't see that changing, (meaning it's not going to change). I know one enough's enough's though. :] Except at sleepovers I tend to get a little fiery/roudy. But you're great for knowing that because it's true. Call me / (I really liked this fromspring so I put this up even though it's not a question)


I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles such are promises, all lies and jests.

Great minds never think alike.

I want the one I can't have:

Family day. Disneyland was sold out, what the heck! I didn't even know that was possible, probably because I never thought about it. We split up through downtown, maybe not typical quality time, but that's just the way we do things. Unpractical is pretty much what we fall under in websters. Dave and Busters, [beat everyone]. I saw the cutest shoes in forever 21 and they only had one pair left, size 7. I'm an 8.

I will have you.
Haircuts tomorrow not sure what I'm doing after..
-Carolina's for New Years.
-Make up artist for New Years: Carolina.
-Make up artist for life: Carolina.
That was easy.
-New Years Resolutions: to late to do, i have to get up early tomorrow (11) later
These are the riches of the poor.

You love me.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

But sooner or later, You always have to wake up.

Not much to say. I saw Avatar for the 3rd time and it was just as good, except this time I wore my Avatar shirt. I think that's part of the reason why I wanted to go again. Had some creeps but at least it kept things interesting. I came home and played CODMW2 for a good amount of hours and finally beat this one level that I almost gave up on. One of the most annoying things ever... I think I'll be going to Disneyland with my family tomorrow, to be honest I'd rather just stay home and rent movies because I know they'll get restless @ Dland. I don't know I just don't want them to waste their money. I'll try my best to get them on the best rides and make sure they see all the good stuff. I'd try to get them in for free, but they check stamps and tickets now because they finally figured out how people were getting around their ridiculous prices. Other than that today was pretty chill. Haircut rescheduled to Wednesday. Carolina rescheduled to Wednesday after rescheduled haircut. When is new years again? This Friday huh, New Years Eve: Thursday night. Plans for me? I've got a few options.
Winter break isn't bad. It's nothing special, but it isn't bad..
School year being half over I'm looking forward to summer nights already. For now, I'll take it one day @ a time. I don't think people realize how fast your life can end. I mean after all they are starting to call 2009 the year of death.
-Ever since Christmas I've been getting a lot of 'You smell good's. Marc Jacobs is the man.
-I haven't heard from Sam in awhile.
-I hope you liked your gift(s).
-Who knew I looked good with eye makeup, well you're a pretty good make up artist.
-Sorry if this post was kinda dry, but in my defense it's 4 in the morning.

anyway i could get ur number
If you ask for it face to face,
favorite thing to do on your free time? ps you loook good in skinny jeans.
Thanks & I have a lot of free time right now so good question.. Go to a close friend's house, bike rides, video games, food, disneyland, water, movies, dancing, inside jokes, blogging, long phone calls, making people smile, zelda, new testament (for now), sleep, daydreaming, and breathing . my all time favorite: thinking.

ellobuddywillyouknockagain. will you live again? will you care again? can you dream after knowing you murdered those people. janedoejohndoeandthefamily.

well ill be here for you when they all get bored of you because my hearts big enough for both of us and company.
cause i say rain when its only a drizzle.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Total lack of confidence displayed.

Today was a pointless dream, given I spent half of it sleeping. Sleeping till 3, napping at 6, waking up to a movie, eating some nachos, shower, and this. I'm sometimes the most mellow person you will ever meet, but other times I'm the most upbeat person you will ever meet. And that's just how I like to live.

I came here to finish what I've started. That's what I'll say to you if fate decides to match us again. Until then, hellohowareyouitwasnicetoseeya. God bless.


I want to be the one's who profound, but I can't keep up with your pace. I still call you the one that got away, and to think I'm the one that let you go. My complaints, my complaints. Never had a chance to know.

I looked for inspiration, and I found you. My mind didn't know what to. I know what I wanted to do, but didn't. Goodnight.

The fastest years of your life are the carefree ones. When you couldn't count your shoes and couldn't speak like confetti parade. No amount of clouds to lounge on. What if you want to countdown? Will it go faster? Probably not..
I'm going to try to stop counting, but that won't work.
I did stop soda, and I did do water.
I did stop coffee, but that's just cause I want to grow.
All the people who taught me card tricks are dieing.

jealin that you got daisy by marc jacobs
where would you like to live in the future?

I'd like to live with someone great. Full of surprises, and the one I'd call to hangout anyway if I weren't there, or the person I would be thinking about anyway if we weren't talking. I'm a simple kid, don't need much. Just smiles, postive faces, and maybe some water. That's just the way I like to live.

Met you once. that nite was fun [;
Thanks, I'm glad I taught you something. I must've for you to have remembered me.

And for the record, I'm a virgin. And proud of it. Someone buy me a promise ring.

I live because I want to. And the wisest man in the room is not the perfect one. The wisest man in the room is the one that has made the most mistakes.
Thank you to anyone who has made an impact on my life. Good or Bad. Happy or Sad.
I owe my breathes and my choices and my experiences to everything due happen, to happen. Is there anyway to help? Yes, I'll pass on your knowledge to someone like me. You won't read this, but fate might.
Thanks again.
God Bless.
I told you I was a simple kid.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Don't believe this hype.

Sometimes I want something so bad, that I forget about reality, and live in my dreams. I live in my dreams until I think my dreams can become reality. Once I figure out that there's not a chance, not a roll of dice, that what I want can possibly happen I lose it. And I lost it. I got over it though, and I'm starting to dream less and live more, sleep's only for the smiles. Maybe one day I'll get close to my zzzs, I actually know I'll succeed. For now though, I'll just try not to drag my feet. No promises. No introductions. Just life. I didn't know coming head to head with reality would be so hard. I didn't know I had these feelings.

Off for a nap, then a hike, then a night, then a sight. Won't someone come along?
Now that's there is nothing holding me back, even though that's a stretch of truth, I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm not sure how I'll react or not react. I'm excited to see though. Excited to leave. Excited to stay. All of it. All of it. Things still come to mind, I can't help but wonder why I met who I met. Why I've seen what I've seen. Why I did what I've done. Why did I go through all this? I don't think I realize, or anyone how big of a year this year has been. Shaping all that I am and will be. This year leads on my habits to future habits. From eating habits, sleeping habits, work habits, bad habits, good habits, all habits. Technically, my life is getting planned out by these few years, but I can't help but feel, it's just begun. I've just begun.

Embarking on things I've never done, but will do many more times. Stepping into lives, I thought I'd never step into but will stay next to for a long time. Stepping into live, I thought I'd want more of, but don't. Leaving for places I said I'd never come back to, but do. Telling someone we'd hangout, but it never happens, because it wasn't in the cards for us. Losing friends, and not minding much. Calling it changes, but really it's just you telling your self you're fine with out them, because it's true.

Friday, December 25, 2009

All together now

[19:42] michelle: on christmas eve:
[19:42] michelle: i got
[19:43] michelle: a cardboard boombox that plays ipods
[19:43] michelle: i got shoes, sunglasses, lotion
[19:43] michelle: and this morning
[19:43] michelle: :
[19:43] michelle: i got l4d2, codmw2,
[19:43] michelle: 100$ simon giftcard
[19:43] michelle: nintendo dsi (wasnt expecting) & zelda to go with it
[19:44] michelle: blush, make up bag
[19:44] michelle: and some more lotion
[19:44] michelle: and omgosh
[19:44] michelle: daisy by marc jacobs
[19:44] michelle: a purfume
[19:44] michelle: smells soooooo good!
[19:44] michelle: + 20 bucks
[19:44] michelle: + everything school kids got me
[19:44] michelle: :)

^^ I did get some good stuff! Super physicked.


Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Christmas Eve was a success. Party was a good turn out. Super fun.
Details up later.
I open my presents, presents Christmas morning so I wonder if I got some good stuff.
As for tonight's presents:
-I got a cardboard boombox that plays ipods (one of the best presents ive ever gotten) and yes its actual cardboard, and yes it actually works. sickest thing ever.
-shoes :)
-suburban commando


I finally got some good formsprings. Yessss.

why are you so close to dianna
Are you jealous? ;] She's really down to earth and easy to get along with. Our personalities never clash, so no drama, that's always a plus. [Not that I really have drama with anyone, ever. I'm just not that kind of girl. I don't see the logic in wasting time making big deals out of things that won't matter tomorrow. Life is to short.] Anyway, she is a good soul and I'm glad to be her friend. I love this girl. Other than that....................get to know her your self bud.

i can be your all time lover
I'm down. You might have to get off formspring though.

MICHELLLEYYYY, it's been a while since I've given you a formspring!!! How you doing girllll? Guess who. You know it's true. It's d boo.
Haha, Diana. You're great. I'm really good. Thanks.

what are your thoughts on michael jackson
Wow; MJ, huh. Music: I liked jackson five, and for his solo career he had some good hits. Isn't a favorite. His-Story: I thought it was kind of sketchy how he died. I don't really like him much. I don't think he deserved so much attention, and his family is a bunch of sellouts from the movie to interviews to talkshows to a televised funeral. Personally, I think it's pathetic. But hey, gotta make money somehow right?! With the economy and all.. Oh, on a side note I don't care where I was when he died.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

replying to a formspring

to you know who & you know your question: Yeah she did that's old news, wow.

happy christmas eve


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy days

Today was good. Carolina's place was fun as always. Maybe I'll go skating tomorrow. Who knows.

oh can someone tell chris i said happy birthday i dont know how to get ahold of that kid.

your 18th is going to be fucking insane
Just a curious weirdo:
are u still freinds with that one white girl?

i dont know what white girl you are talking about, find out the name and ask me again.
who yo bestfriend

carolina cause shes cooler then you :]
who's the prettiest and ugliest girl/boy at school in ur opinion? y?

girl-diana because she dresses nicely and she carries herself well.
boy- that josh or something like that with blond hair that rides his bike home b/c i like his eyes and he has senses fail on his music
girl-i dont know her name but she something about her is off, it okay though she dgafs so good for her.
boy- ditto ^

Watched Avatar again today. This time in 3d. It's better in 2d, but it's still just as good. 2nd time in theaters and more to come. I finally put my Christmas list together :). I need to buy Carolina's gift(s) soon. mmm shes the only one allowed to buy me clothes. Rugby thing was canceled, not surprised.

Breaks off to a slow start, should pick up tomorrow though.

Red Leader, signing off.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Into the Wild

is one of those really good movies i wish i could hate

but can't.
real deal:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


i fucking love Carolina.

im done

ill be getting ready for bed right now. hi morning.

self explanitory

I told myself I was going to go to sleep after this. Deep down, I knew I was wrong.

Jump start the kick start so i can get outta here.


Friday: Fun with Christie/ Christine / Diana!
Saturday: Woke up. Practice today was so hot. I felt sick through more then half of it. Shaked after thanks to sugar problems, and was light-headed. Sound practice though. Other than that, today was great. From crazy workers in bath and body works to outsmarting my cousin. Watching Avatar was definitely the highlight though. I left l4d @ his house though. :'[ Won't be getting that back for awhile. Hopefully a little while.

Ask me more formspring questions. I want good ones. Funny ones. The works.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Live Everyday like it's a Sunday.

and linda that formspring, the i fucking love you was me, haha . just a confirmation.
There's a deeper meaning to 'live everyday like it's a sunday' then dove realized, or they did, and put it there on purpose. Who knows.

: if i can file a complain i would do it but then i might get in trouble or something
: brb i g2g eat

Thanks so much for everyone who gave me a Christmas present! Thanks. thanks. thanks. Really, Thank you. You made my day.

I was invited to a few places tonight, but I think I'll be staying in for once. I'm not sure if I feel up to bugging my parents for a ride. I'm not sure if I'm up for figuring everything out. I'm not sure if I up to stay up all night. I guess it's not that I don't want to go, I just don't care enough to put that much effort to it. If it was simpler then it is. I'd be down like the economy. It's fine today was good. and I'm good. It's Christmas break. Fuck ya.

This years is half over (school year). I'm the only one excited. I couldn't have put it anymore simply. I'm just so excited for more adventures, more experience, but over everything i just want more life. id love me some more life.

more life? yes, yes please.

From just a curious weirdo:

what do u think of christine le ?

Now, that I think of it she's a bit of a mystery. Then again, maybe there's nothing to know. Hm..I think she's a quiet person that'd I used to have classes with. We never really talked. We never really were friends. I don't mind it. I'd like to say more but I'm not sure what you want know exactly, mmmm she's just a tiny girl that I see everywhere. :)

Will things ever be the same?

things will never be the same

y0 . can i kiss u?

are you tall enough?

1: i love secret time
2: what secret?
2: o.o
1: oh i thought you were confiding in me
1: i felt special
1: never mind
2: sorry..
2: haha
2: like
2: 4 people know
2: o.o
2: i dont mind telling them

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Going shopping soon. Get ready Christmas Kids.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

No Intros.

I'm kind of over formspring. I dont want to deal with it anymore. If people ask me question to my face, and it's just us one on one you're almost always guaranteed an honest answer. Just ask me there. Tell me to my face. I won't swing at you, I'm just not scared of confrontation. Come up I'd love to talk, and I'd like to make it interesting. I'm not taking it down, I just probably won't check it that often. Plus no one knows about my blog, so it's kind of pointless. :)

No Intros. I told you I was cold.

Friday I got my shit done; i was a good friend, and went to the mall. I didn't do much Friday, but it was my day not to care. The next day, I woke up late. Got ready for lb. And made to Carolina after picking up bedding in prep of giving my tortoise away. =/ My dad was in love with it. I love cold. I'm just not sure if I like my feet stepping in puddles.

My eyes are starting to burn, because I left my contact juice @ home. It was fine though because I went to sleep so late, I know they wouldnt roll and get lost somewhere in my head. Brutal.

bot flys are pesky mother fu

Today was good, long. :] Not how I imagined it to go, but good nonetheless.

Before I start that weird blogging thing I always do I just want to say:
I have recently found interest in WW2. Can't wait to study up.

No Intros. I told you I was cold.

-Us. We. We are the same blood, we are. We are.
-My eyes are blurring, my thighs are cold, my back hurts,and I still need to take a shower, im getting back my muscles
-Calls from you at 2am asking if you wanted to hang out, and saying I didn't care because I never see you anymore, you would. You would.
-Watching quarantine in your room was freaking amazing. Blue ray, ftw. Could have promised the helicopter was outside of your window.
-Currently listening to all hail the heart breaker.
-I'll let you get the best of me, because that's what I do best.
-I'll be the giver and you'll be the taker. I guess how this one's going to go.
-Currently thinking that I don't want to leave my warm feet.
-Currently excited that I'm not dreading school tomorrow.

Just like that everything negative, turned postitive.
Just like that.
In just one Snap.
I've seen my world change and go back to where it came.
And sometimes I'm scared to be in my own skin.
If you could scare me out of it.
I'd give you kiss, for this was worth more then one wish.
Break. Breathe, and repeat.
And just like that I warned you.
but nothing could be down to this.
Just like that everything right, turned wrong.

-This girl just told me she had a crush on me. Wow, that's a first. t0tally interrupted my poem flow. lameeeee. whatever that poem was lame anyway. ill finish it some other day. I really did mean it when I said I was STRAIGHT. thanks. but nope.
-You're a bad host. haha this is two in one. haha i love it.
-dont preoccupy me you bitch.
-I thought it was raining but I remembered I had headphones on.
-I heard Carolina's phone go off, and I told her, and I wondered why she was looking at me weird. It was on silent mode. To bad I was right, and someone was calling her. because that doesnt make me crazy, that makes me g

Just like that everything negative turned positive.
Just like that.
In just one Snap.
I've seen my world change and go back to where it came.
And sometimes I'm scared to be in my own skin.
If you could scare me out of it
I'd give you kiss, for this was worth more then just one wish.
Break. Breathe, and repeat.
And just like that I warned you.
but nothing could be down to this.
Life, Death, or rest.
Just like that everything right, turned wrong.
If only I could hear you hum that song
its been to long to play along
I've seen my world change and go back to where it came.
and just like that I warned you.
Unpredictable, Unreliable, or amazing.
Yes/No - Stay/go.
And just like that I've warned you.
but there's one thing I'll promise.
And just like that I warned you.
No Intros. I told you I was cold.

Not how it sounded in my head
another song for the weekend.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


dont blame me for the life i lead
im just doing things ill never need.
but you'll look back in infamy
on all the things you wish you did, but didnt.
for that extra hour of weep
come back for a nap some other day
because im going the wrong way, and youre going the right way.
but i never said i was normal.
and you glare at me with those lies
and trick with with your eyes,
but i never said you weren't normal.
but i never said i knew what normal was.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maybe it's time to go

Should I nap or continue on the computer? I think I'll nap as long as I can. I wasn't kidding anyone, I think we both knew which one I was going to choose.

You're making a spectacle.

Monday, December 7, 2009


This weekend was fun. Things to remember: No hike, slept for an hour, ihop & carolina's lemonade, different perspective of chels/gentree/katie as people, petes coffee and the indie boys, 'JUST KEEP WALKING' - classic, rite aide and gloves, meeting melissa, gtree is a crazy driver and carolina eating car while talking about body spray, getting a call after shit, finding out the shit wasnt the truth, tired beyond belief, talking, caring, and new friends.

Today: I took a long nap. Worked the book fair. Easy/boring/unnecessary/ but i did get service hours =). I got up ate dinner, watched tv, did my hw, ate again, and then went on the computer. That's it.

I've been thinking about Christmas, and people are starting to ask me what I want. I haven't put much thought to it, but I'll start here. I won't be doing a wishlist for a while but you can refer here to get some ideas and or not. I'm going to put things up that you obv. wont be able to get me but I want to put up to remember.
My favorite color is green, keep that in mind ;).
I want clothes, perfume, xboxgames, giftcards, letters, and maybe some cute shoes/belts/accessories/etc. If you don't know me well enough to buy me expensive presents I would love a letter and cookies. Either white chocolate chip mac. or just chocolate chip.

I might ask for my parents for a single speed track bike. If I get one I'm going to try to ride my bike to lbc once a week. I did some research and a person my height needs a 50-54 cm baby. I also found some cool sites to get some price ranges and ideas.
I especially like this one because you can customize your own bike, kinda cool. ^



-this is probably the exact bike I want, I'm just nervous to do online ordering and all and its all white, but thats not a big deal over all this is the best idea / the exact ting what I want in a bike :
def. my dream bike.
and i just found this:

If you are not satisfied with your Osobike please return within thirty days in good condition in original packing for a full refund less shipping.

wow i think im in love with the osobike.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

los alamitos

Dear a close friend, bestfriend, just a friend, curious weirdo, homie: Your answer is the title of this post. ;) Comment anonymous on the post with your school.

I finally met veronica and vanessa tonight. They're attitude is sound. I like them. :) can't wait for all of us to hangout soon. gnarland needs to take whats good. and needs to stop being an id. on the other hand she deserves someone that will treat her better. Stopped in Ross, I did get a pretty cool vest thing. Yezzz. I get to sleep in tonight. Yay. sleep sleep sleep. we won't sleep until 5 anyway. I'm glad to be being glad. I've never seen Carolina this tired. Well I have but that doesnt count. It was warped bro. Well here she comes more later.. :)


Friday, December 4, 2009

shake the dust

leaving soon, this is going to be fun.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


+From a close friend:

i love everything about your face, lol.
your freackles, eyelashes, eyebrows, teeth!!!
would you ever date anybody at our school?

Thanks baby, I'm digging your attitude.
I think you meant a relationship: First off, I don't want a boyfriend. Therefore, I would not. I'm really picky. I have pretty prominent emotions. I feel what I feel. From what I've seen, no one would be able to handle me. They'd try, and get tired of me pretty fast. It's happened =). Oh, there's always the possibility I'm just not attracted to the person.

+From a bestfriend/close friend/acquaintance:
hey love <3333
who would you say are your closest friends and why?
Hey baby.
-Carolina because she know's me the best. We never fight. We understand each other even when we dont make sense. She's golden. #1 imbie.
-Rocky because I can trust him with anything, and he gives good advice. He's the reason I know about Jesus, (well God used him to teach me). :)
-Diana because she's down and we get along really well. She cares about me a lot, and she dresses nicely! Haha, she's really great. She'sakeeper.
-Jennifer because we always talk about things I don't normally talk about to other people. She is my running buddy, part the reason why I run fast!
-Sam because I'm always welcome at her house, and we stay up all night together. She's also my spanish girl who sings well. She's always there when I need her. We talk to each other about our problems. and solve em.
-Christie because shes always willing to listen and down for the count. She's always consistent and she'll never stab you in the back. guaranteed.
-Ariahna because we've been friends for the longest time! 10 years. We always manage to keep it together. She's there for me. We joke. She gives me piggy back rides and its funny because im like a foot taller then her. We're rugby buddies for life.
-Tiffany because she cracks me up. We talk a lot. Her attitude is sound.
-Christine because she always comes to sleepovers. We always seem to agree with each other. I love it, haha. because she's the feistiest person I know.

+From a homie:
Why is Linda such a sexy beast? >:D

I'm not getting that many submissions!!! Its whatever though.. ahah. post one. now. Anyway, Linda is a sexy beast because shes suuuuuuuper cool and even though shes at a different school now she cares so much about everyone, (mostly me). and she's always there when you need her even when shes not, if you get me ;). i luv this girl's persona and shes def. down in my book. If you want a great friend look her up. Shes also a fun girl. I need to talk to her more.

Rugby was easy tonight. I'm excited for the season. My nap was good. Tuesday's practice > Thursday's. I'm kind of tired. I still have homework.

Macs are the great! I really like this computer. Ive always been able to type faster on these computers. I'll type even faster when my hands arent numb. Haha, FORMSPRING ME ----> !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

something that produces results

: ill make you
: turn
: into
: like
: a super hot dancer
: like
: super super hot
: :-D
[18:01] michelle: haha
: everyones gonna ask for your number
: seriously
[18:01] michelle: youre hot enough for both of us


[17:48] : am i mature yet?
[17:48] michelle: i cant be the judge of whos mature
[17:49] michelle: i just know what i think
[17:49] michelle: and i think
[17:49] michelle: no
[17:49] : :-(

im a bitch
Slept today, im pretty lazy. Woke up late and barely made it on time for the announcements. Funny stuff! People are immature. People are retarded. I'm over it . Discouraging, yes. Going to stop, not a chance! Anyway, finally homework. More later.

Back; Finished my homework, yay. I ended up taking the 3 song survey today and turns out we were supposed to cross out duplicates. Wow, I don't understand why, but that means I kept recommending the same song for no reason. It was totally going to be played to. wow alright. I got 15 minutes for recycling Wednesday yay! I need 16 service hours for the quarter which we're half way through and I only have like 2 and a half hours. I'm going to have to do a lot of work this time round. Girls got 7 hours for going to dreams to reality, I still don't regret my decision of not going. Updating my ipod just gives me this satisfied feeling. I get to happy over little things. I don't if my readers think I'm a sad or a boring person like my blog might lead me on to be, but I'm the exact opposite. I'm almost always happy, I just tend to write a lot of the bad things here, to get them out my head, but mostly just to get them out. I'm a fun person I promise!


-I heard the funniest story tonight!
-I told a sad story today.
-Realizing how retarded people are, really makes me appreciate everyone in my life who isn't retarded in my life. Thank you. You really deserve more then a thank you, unfortunately I don't know how else to express my gratitude for having all your beautiful faces as a part of my life. I really am blessed. You guys remind me just how much I really am everyday. You keep me smiling. I won't let you down. Just a little bit of love from me to you. The world needs more!

Love. I act like I doubt it, but I'm nothing without it.


Be yourself. Yeah do it, I do it. I'll do it once I know who I am.

Who am I kidding? I know who I am.