Thursday, July 30, 2009

double nickel on your dime

Tomorrow is looking up, my lovelys.
It seems so impossible to be mad at you for more than five minutes, one look at that smile and I'm done for.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When in doubt I know who to turn to

"All things are possible to him who believes." Mark 9:23

Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't foreshadow my outcomes.

-I liked my room the best.
-I stood up for myself.
-I raced down the hallways, and won.
-I tried going up to the 23rd floor, out of 23 floors.
-I knocked&ran.
-I ****************
-I called someone out.
-I helped people out when they were in need.
-I kept my promise.
-I was going to go on the nyny roller coaster, but I didn't want to pay 14$.
-I bought a CD in a different state.
-I beat carsickness.
-I earned someone's respect that isn't easy to earn.
-I was the least annoying and therefore was a favorite.
-I know who really broke Julio's glasses.
-I kept someone from sinning and therefore kept someone from a regret.
-I confessed to a lie I later found out what I was lying about wasn't a lie after all.
-I made someone happy.
-I made even the quietest of the bunch, talk.
-I paid for someone's gas chip in.
-I was in charge a couple of times.
-I jumped on a bed that wasn't mine.
-I swam in a closed pool.
-I improved without practice.simply thoughts .
-I was hit on by cute people and creepy people. Mostly creepy, though.
-I pulled off someone's nike dunks and not because I was stealing them.
-I made someone's day.
-I took a shower in ice water because I didn't want greasy hair and the hot water wasn't on yet.
-I was offered free nightclub admission.
-I was offered drugs and free drinks.
-I changed in a closet because the bathrooms were taken.
-I was peer pressured into something, I didn't do it.
-I almost slipped in throw up, then almost added to it.
-I walked on the strip around 4 in the morning because they were hungry and I'm a good friend.
-I got free fries.
-I learned something.
-I taught someone how to swim.
-I lost one.
-I lost the fear of drowning, letting go, and good came out of it.
-The more I give the less I have for myself, but I've learned to be fine with that.
-I don't expect anything from anyone.
-I let go, jumped in and good came from it.
-Even though I was the youngest of the group, I wasn't the baby of the group.
-I knew when I was welcome, and when I wasn't.
-I liked talking with you that night, just the way we talked, just everything. it made me look in to the future and this time I really was given a glimmer of hope that this was possible, that this wasn't a lost cause. A break through I needed.
-I really am good at keeping secrets, my whole life is one big secret really.
-I laughed my self to sleep, you cried your self to sleep.
-I'm always given a reason to reassure myself.
-Everyone who says they are open minded are usually the most close minded people. I could give you so many example, it's not even funny.
-I cannoned balled my butt all the way to the bottom.
-I'm good at not giving up at the things I want.
-I love summer..

^^^I was only talking about this weekend, btw

It's called the fear of God. Some people are born with it, some people want it, some people just have it, some people get it, and some lose it.

I wish I didn't know this many pathetic people who listen to bad music.
What happened to happy kids, with screwed up lives, who learned to deal, and to make the best of things.
Now I only get these spoiled kids, with wonderful lives, opportunity at their fingertips, who cry themselves to sleep, and get their jollys from laughing at other kids' faults.

Just another reason why we're right.
Just another reason why I'm right.
We're all getting more and more pathetic.
We're reaching the end of the book.
We're reaching the end of the line.
This is sad.
God, I'm sorry.
I'm going to try to save as many as I can.
No one knows how close we are..
It all has to happen.
Please take me when that lightening strikes.
Please forgive me.
Let me get my points in first.
I can't let you down.
Then there are some people that have to work for it.
I'm one of those people.

God came through again! I'm not surprised, just happy.

Just happy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hey kids,

can't forget to thank God.


scarecrows in daylight are always much scarier then those in the moonlight

you really impressed me tonight. like a herman/harry thing except were both girls. i gave you a spoon to hold a whole basket of eggs. even though granny knows on your side. you had the biggest task of all. im sorry i put so much pressure on your lungs. i guess i just knew you could handle it. your a great pal. you've earned my respect. two friend levels up in my book lollygagger. heck three friend levels and a side of 20 points on the cool scale. you can count me in as one who has your back. i wouldnt have it more if i was glued on to it. sends my best wishes and kisses to you from hear on out plus beyond.

You're going places that's for sure

You've never seen that side of me, huh?

I've never seen that side of me.

You've got it going for you

I haven't been this excited in a long time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Myspace Music


I'm stuck in a never ending sleep

I woke up @ 2 today.
I'm a night person.

embarrassment is insecurity on steroids

Just like you hide your zits. I hide mine. Just as you wear jeans. I wear jeans. Just as you have vans. I have vans. Just as you have bangs. I have bangs. Just as you make the wrong choices. I make the right ones. Just as you cry yourself to sleep. I pray myself to sleep. Just as your manipulative. I'm funny. I wouldn't slap you across the face if I had the chance. I wouldn't call you. This contact list is friends only and your the last thing I'd want in the new entry slot. You can't make your mind up snacker. Regrets is the last thing I want to add to my bar code. How chocolates on valentines of you. Thanks for this. Thanks. This would be called self checkout.
P.S. don't expect something you don't deserve, idiot.

I'm in a good mood and i can't help but think its because i sucessfully updated in under 2 minutes

@dianaho,HAHAHA. I knew someone would get that !

this weekend was one giant kick back. it was great! i want to tell you the highlights but every time i start writing something i keep going back to that 'weird writing zone, metaphorical, i don't know what, doesn't make any sense, world'. I can't stop either, it's addicting. Oh yeah, maybe you should try it. You might surprise yourself.


-If you can figure it out, you're probably wrong.
-I've only added music to my iPod about 5 times.
-I'm so lazy when it comes to limewire.
-I wish I was experienced in this field of expertise.
-You give me reasons to punch you in the face.
-You've just givin me three topics. Ex. your personality.
-I love everything about you.
-I really don't want to miss this!
-This is going to work out.
-Shamwow was my joke no one laughed until you said it. I feel special.
-I have fantasies about throwing my cat out the window. She's a bitch and she once scratched me when I was trying to help her. She also sticks her nails in my arm when I don't pet her. She controls this relationship.
-You were right

once again.
-I'm used to this.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bite to break skin

My eyes are burning at the thought. Maybe it's because I left them soaking in the long term acid cleaner and didn't wash them off before using. While on fire, while the was pain so intense you lead me the way out. This way out was not the one I was looking for. A maze of math problems can't relieve my lemon shooters and gingersnaps. See and kill are your rules. I don't live by your rules. The rules I follow get me somewhere I want to go. Stop trying to tempt me because my God forgives me if I slip. Get behind me and stay beneath my feet. Sends cheesy poses that were cool in grade school and knocks to a jingle that you used to open the door and find gramps on the other side.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

To all myspace whores

The clocks ticking by but you can't help it. To busy working on your arthritis to care. Well lovelys, I won't vote for you. And even if you do win. You lose. You lose every battle you thought you victoried. Not this victory. Not this time. So go on, talk your gossips and knife your pillows. Victory is floating my way coming from your direction. My compass might be broken. And I might be lost. But at least I can say I died exploring. While you died trying to win best peace sign on some contest site. Well I got news for you. You opened a box with no prize. Congrats and good riddance my young Jedi. The only difference is i fight with a blue lightsaber.

I could do this all night but I perfer to keep my day

Your mountains of stories never get old. I could listen to them over and over. Then put it on repeat. They always told me dog was a mans best friend. You're my best friend bird. You, not a dog. You must be the new breed everyone's looking for but can't understand you were right under their noses the whole time. I scratch the bite right after but i left the cure at home. It's to far to run. If only you could lend me your wings. It wouldn't do any good though. They hold you back, you know. You know, but you can't fight back. This fight you can't win. You punch and you scream but unspoken rules are your shackles. Not me. Not me, you see. Your hug won't be the death of me just watch. It really is a shame loyalty. I can forget you sadly. I just came down with a case of alzheimer's and a side of biscuits.

See you in the funny papers

Kiss the moon goodnight. Make my life worth living. I'm sorry I neglect you. Recycle when I should but trash when I shouldn't. I'm still learning and I haven't shook the other training wheel. Give me time though. If there's one thing we've got it's time. Give me time, and I will come through cricket. A promise is a vow I'll never break unless your arrow sets me free. Until then i ship off bidding you fair well. Just whistle when you need me. I'll come running back to you with my arms spread wide and my mind cute as a button. I can't return the fever. Not because I don't want to either.

I can't whistle..

Couldn't stay away

Phased by my science fiction? Run away, because I've just begun. I've found something I love. I've found something I'm good at, and this cloak isn't going to disappear. I might be a broken record, but you told me your self, what's an antique without a scratch. But my scratch isn't just a scratch you can polish. My scratch is a mistake worth telling. This one is going down in the books, but i'm moving on. I can write with my eyes closed, but only if you draw on another pair and leave it for my lids. You see, I can write with my eyes closed but only if you let me. Now there's no doubt here, but there's a doubter right next to me, I can see it on their forehead. And I can feel it in my stomach. This girl isn't a lost cause

I promise.

Ten minutes later

and I see you in the corner of my eye. Your eyes are closed to me, your back is turned for me. I can't help but miss. The dagger flew straight, but I couldn't help but tell you to dodge. No doubt in my mind, you'll make it. I just know it, I just wish you could take me with you. A kind of 'earn one,get one free' deal. Because short cuts are my specialty. Don't try to deny it either, this is one sprinter you can't out run.

I was just attacked,

I need to be more careful in scary allies while applying flea medicine, this is what I get for caring.. nice to know. Now I have to mend a cut I never wanted. I should have just let the fleas eat you alive. No wonder why you were hesitant to help. This is one hard work that won't be paid off grasshopper.

I almost cried

and even though i didn't, i never come close to crying these days.

-After a whole day of quality time, all I found out was that my parents think I have an eating disorder and that I'm to skinny.
"You need to start eating."
"I do eat."
"I eat a lot actually."
"More than once a month."
-I say I have the gift of saying no, I do not forget gluttony is a sin to many overlook.
-Or I have the gift of a fast metabolism.


I've found a new kind of boring here, an empty one, I can't escape it this time, just the kind that you have to wait out. At least when I was bored there, I knew I was there. I knew you would come in ten minutes later, and you, you would come back to me on the phone even just to say you had to go, but you would come back to me, first. Still, this boring didn't have power over me and I knew it wouldn't last. I've been lucky, being able to dodge this emptiness at all costs. Not this time, I guess what keeps me going is just the thought, just the hope, faith, in knowing that as time goes on fun will come again and as I grow older I will meet this boredom less and less. Until that is, until that is, when it is boredom itself, I'm chasing. Chasing that same boredom I tried so hard to avoid. I guess it's just me saying, "You don't scare me anymore."


'My favorite part was the part I couldn't remember.'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just checks


you are seriously an amazing person. Love you, P.S. I'm working on our show. So stoked for 6 flags!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get off my case

I don't want to go back to Westminster, honestly, honestly, honestly.


I love living at your house, we actually don't get tired of each other, and I'm not exagurating either. I haven't gotten in one fight with you and we are seriously always together. This. is what I call a good friendship.

I'm actually a really nice person. I'm just not stupid.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


should be sick, I'm excited.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm happy.

Can someone please get me some freaking baskins?


Just when you are about to let me down, you don't.
I love it;I really, really do..

I seriously

can't wait for a week at your house. Seriously physced like no other.


I'm sad.


let me fix your eyebrows;

P.S. This is not about you Carolina.