Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey everyone,

I will be leaving for Colorado tomorrow. Wish me safe travels,
I think I'll look for my battery charger or figure something out so I can make video blogs/updates. How fun will that be?? Way fun.


you are too mine. I love you, FYI

It's been awhile

I miss my best friend. I really do, I'm sorry I can never get rides anywhere and I'm going to miss you when I leave. Thanks for putting up with me! Good thing I'll only be gone for a week or so.. I think I'll be giving you a ring. Hope you answer. Hope you know this is about you.

Friday, June 26, 2009


to keep my mind off the family drama.
Desperately, desperately, trying.

-I seriously love your company, you not only offer to take me in, or let me borrow money even if you are short on money your self. I know you'll always be there if I need you for anything. Just know you can always come to me if you need something, anything. I love you doll, I loved running for our lives together.
-Whenever we are together, we are never bored. Ever. Even if were napping together I'll just randomly laugh, and you'll laugh too, then we'll laugh together. I think you are more like me than anyone and that's saying something because no one shares my humor, no one thinks I'm that funny, but you, you do. Even if you never pay me back when I lend you money, and you say you will, I don't expect you too. You're always down for my antics and my midnight jogs. I know you've lost weight. Maybe not 20 pounds, but I can I always say we lose weight with each other, or at least don't gain anything.
-I seriously love my profile songs most of the time.
-I know you have anger management problems, but we are ALWAYS there when we need each other, no matter what. You always come first when it comes down to it. Seriously, I love you. I know you secretly love me too.
-No one is here to tell me not to do something, it's weird.
-I prayed for you, I really did. I'm worried if I don't get you into religion soon, you greater our chances of going to hell. Or make it harder to go to heaven. Now I have to be extra, EXTRA good. Thanks. Thanks, a lot.
-P.s. The get off my nut, just a little please was for someone that doesn't read my blog. Pointless? maybe. Don't judge me.
-Another mistake from you, the smarter I get.
-I need to get my bass. Sucks we aren't going to have money again soon.
-I'm not sure if I want you to come, because they will judge you, and you don't deserve that.
-Now that I have a bathing suit, I can go swimming all I want. Yay.
-I hope my future is nothing like yours.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get off my nuts

just a little, please.

Hey Love

so I woke up @ 1:30 today, went for a bike ride with Sam, played truth or dare, played cards, was the life of the party, and made someone's day.

That was today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm never bored

This summer has been great.
I originally wanted to have a blog for every day of the summer but I figured I wouldn't be able to upkeep that so I'm just going to try my best, as you can see I've already failed.

Been filled with laughs, sleepovers, dares, truths, hugs, work outs, invites, missing meals, skipping meals, adding meals, bails, screams, band practices, cuties, meebo, no sleep, raging waters, cold weather, shorts, questions, apologizes, new friends, letters, mash, running, falling, meeting ashton kutcher, and i'll update more later i'm going to try to squeeze in 20 minutes of sleep.


Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm sweating bullets over this and I can't dismiss

I always think of really catchy songs, only a hum and lyrics. I always lose them though, unless someone pushes me to write it down. Maybe I'll start writing them all down, put them all in a notebook, a lock box, and then give it to my favorite grandchild before I die. I wish my grandmother did something like that. That would be so cool, and I know I was her favorite, I was secretly her favorite the whole time. =)


-I always see your car around, and I look at my watch, and it's to early to call you. Sometimes it makes me sad.
-I can't get of hold of you, but I only tried once. This weekend was great. I really love your company. I really love you! Don't forget I'm coming over when your dog is about to have her puppies..
-I wish I had my own house so I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
-It was really nice talking to you on the phone for awhile, you always make me smile, and I hope to stay friends with you for a long time. I know I will.
-I don't know what's happening yet, but I hope someone will go to Disneyland with me. I also really want to ride that ferris wheel.
-I wish you had more followers than jon does, I really do. You are so much better.
-I always delete my old picture comments, they are the worst.
-I would ditch just about anyone to hang out with you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Failed attempts to fly.

Hi, I'm Michelle..
I am sick.
Really sick,


I don't feel like trying so you're going to have to do most of this.

As of right now, I don't feel like staying after school until 5:30. So we'll see if I can get out of that. I guess I'm going dress shopping too, I wonder if Sam could use a dress. I should ask her, or call her or something..
I'm a little worried about someone right now.

I need to pray more often.

Faith is the answer to all.


-Don't mock me, unless I know you enough to where it's okay.
-My trust is hard to come by especially after you prove you can't hold it.
-I am so sick of no it alls, sooooooooooo sick.
-When I saw it was 5 I was a little worried. Then to find out, I had no missed calls and no unread text messages.
-I think I shouldn't have put my number in some friends' year books because now I get RESTRICTED calls quite frequently.
-Haven't heard from you in awhile, what's going on?
-It doesn't seem like I only have 2 more days of school.. Not even a little bit.
-This summer is going to be good, I can feel it.

I want to make a flickr just so I can show off my pro title name skills.

P.S. Please don't worry I am doing fine.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

There is a handful of people I don't want to lose.
Others can leave if they want, or stay; it doesn't matter to me..

Friday, I pwned @ go kart world. Sleepover @ Sam's was way tight.
Saturday; Note:******** Great morning, to bad Carolina had to leave early. Banquet was awesome, kayaking for the first time was gnarly. I hope I get to do it again, soon. "Five dolla, five dolla foot long."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's getting called, I'm about to take my last bow.

I biked 14 miles yesterday.
Riding up hill was a bitch, I'm not going to lie
Today was spirit day, kinda gay..
Best part was screaming @ mike clark during the BMX bit with Linda, pump jumping with Diana, and beating Kevin in the bad ass jump house races, (sorry for pushing you off the slide wall;it wasn't personal, I just had to make sure I was going to win) You know I'm competitive. I could of got a free poster, FYI.
P.S. I wore shorts today, pretty odd.
I took the longest nap ever, a fever you can't sweat out..
I love weekends.
Seriously, this school year was the best.
I'm not so sure if next year will top it.
Probably will, but I might actually have to work next year. Gay.
I live for summers though, seriously.
I noticed I'm good at a lot of stuff, but I don't play an instrument.
I guess you could say it's been bugging me for awhile..
This summer I'm buying a bass from a pawn shop;
and learning how to play with Carolina.
I will not fail.
Do not let me fail.
And if you're wondering why I'm buying one at a pawn shop:
1) I want to make sure I like it before investing in something I'm going to stop.
2) I'm Mexican
3) I'm cheap
4) I'm Mexican
Mostly because I'm Mexican though..

Who needs summer shakedown, to summer shakedown?
I sure as hell don't..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I need to start using chapstick

because my lips are ridiculous.

Diana kicked off my day, she's not afraid to be crazy with me. She's not afraid to be a little different. She's not afraid of being embarrassed. She's not annoying. She's not afraid of being loud. No wonder why we get along..
I can't say much about Friday, but I had a lot, A-LOT of fun.
First night at Sam's was the best. Crazy stuff went on, scary stuff. Note: * & that sleepover ranked high in my charts. Setting a good example is always nice.

almost killed Sam's dove because I love my sleep. I almost broke my phone, because you know I love my sleep. Soup plantation was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
I don't even remember the name of the movie I saw, but I remember the best part. Chills @ a fellow mexican's is always nice. Falling asleep to muse of acoustic sing alongs is always nice. Helping people out is always nice. Second night @ sam's. I love blackouts, always have.

I smell good again, haha. Sam's mom is the best. Dancing around in Sam's for an hour. Sound Arena was tight. I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. I'm NOT looking forward to actually working on my poetry book tomorrow.. No hardcore dancing in the living room. Snapping at annoying people, and then feeling bad for it later. Feeling bad for not going to church. Eating slowly again.. Family guy again..

-I would put more music on my ipod, but I'm so unmotivated.
-I feel bad it takes me awhile to reply to your messages.
-I hate forgetting things.
-I love me some good intros.
-I hate breaking out.
-I have natural technology skills.
-I've noticed its okay to be raciest as long as you're not white. Hahahah
-I hate lack of respect.


I'll finish this up later.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On my own, here we go.

Currently listening to:

A pic for the blog.
A blog for the pic.

This is me, on a Thursday.
After I almost lost it;After I wanted a hug, but didn't get one.
This is me, waiting for Friday.
This is me, wanting to be done.
This is me, fearless.
This is me, uncomfortable.
This is me, anxious.
This is me, anything but content.
This is me, 10 minutes from happiness.
This is me, about to start my work.
This is me, disappointed.
This is me, annoyed.
This is me, smart.
This is me, in dier need of a laugh.
This is me, about to get my shit together.

This is me, undecided.


To tired to function right,

PAL thing sucked, enough said.
I'm lagging on my poetry book..
I don't want to take that big Math test tomorrow.
I missed the review for that stupid activity, I gained nothing from.
I finished those stupid study guides but there is no time to rest.
Yet, what am I doing............
Today was not the best day.

Highlight:Messing around with Diana and being almost murdered with Tiffany.


Can someone wake me up when school is over?


This summer is going to be the shit.


I have the rugby banquet soon, excited for that.


More excited for summer.




I. want. summer. time.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weak sauce.

Best thing about today so far:
I got a medallion! I knew Bertotti would pick me!


------- is pissing me off because she put this whole thing on me. I know everyone expected me to take responsibility for this, but I didn't know it was this bad. It's pretty bad when your teacher tells you you should prepare a speech, be the main presenter, and then present it to 100 8th graders that weren't even eligible to take the geometry test. Real nice, real nice. So since I'm in charge of this, I decided that I would split the speech in 3. Now, I just have to write it.

If you want me to be the leader, no problem. You're going to regret not giving me ground rules. Handling it, isn't the problem. I should be paid for this..

By the way, tomorrow has a good chance of being a disaster. Sorry, but that's what we get for short notice. All I know is, I won't be a disaster, and a few others will know what they're doing, but other than that... they aren't able to use the restroom with out being told to do it first. Hopeless? We shall see..


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Once again,

and every weekend.
(right click, view image)

spot my nose?^