Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2008

I just thought I'd say goodbye to 0eight before I forgot


tell you more later.

p.s. Sorry I disappeared

Friday, December 19, 2008

Take my heart and please don't break it,

I miss the rain already.
I hope it rains when school starts again
just so we can skip the mile
not even because of the run
because Mr.B lied to us,
disappointed me so much.

Well I am supposed to have my real Christmas List.
I should do that right now,
Too not in the Christmas-ie mood.
I'll get it done.
I'll get my shit done always.
"Hey Michelle, Did you finish your homework, I thought you had a lot, have you started yet?!"
I'll get my shit done,

Wow 'someone's' attitude is so annoying,
get over your self, seriously
so immature
you'll need to grow up sometime
no one is going to like you,want to work with you, or even talk to you
if you keep acting like you are
and I don't know if you were just having a bad day or what
but pull your shit together now

------ is so cute, I wish I could make her think that.
Self Confidence boost , she needs one
I can just tell, poor ------
I don't know what she is thinking everyone thinks she is cute
"All I can say is fuck them you're beautiful"
"you're the shit"
"THE shit"

Jessica is such an old fart already asleep...
disgraceful, just a disgrace
I hope I get up and go with her, other wise I'll feel bad,
but then again sleep is so nice
I'm going

to sleep

Monday, December 15, 2008

Feeling this

I miss Blink, really really do.
I was to young to appreciate it.
They are/were taken for granted.
Not from me you're not...

I sliced my finger today during class.
It was funny.
Haha, Christie.......
Maxwell is so chill.
I like school at the moment,
embracing it,
its not a burden,
its not a bother,
I don't care,
feels good,

I've think I've decided to run for President.
No one ever runs plus I think I have a pretty good chance.
O I'm doing the talent show too.
I was also thinking about spreading rugby BIG TIME if I were to win
Alot of benefits too,
That's embarrassing if I lose,
that's me...
it works for me
I'm happy

HDSKAFHUGHSKJFH makes such a big deal about everything.
sjdfhfdshk thinks her life is so tough.
Ya okay,
You wouldn't live a day in my head,
If I didn't have self control......WOW
I would be out there
I guess I've gotten used to things this way
All I've known, I guess
Positive outlook...
I think of some depressing stuff
that could probably be made into books,
it would be crappy writing but the story would be real,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Barefoot Contessa, went to the market

Another classic hangout,
pretty fun,
I got invited to 2 parties this weekend..
I'm only going to go to one though.
I feel bad one was today and the weather is all bad,
that must suck.
Sorry -----
I wouldn't have anything to get you anyways.

Tomorrow is -----'s birthday party.
I know we'll have fun.
I guess she over invited people, whatever.
I wonder who's going to be there.
I'll probably be the youngest one.
O crapadapa
I don't know what to get her
What does a 16 year old want...besides a car....
Whatever I'll get her a CD or something

After that I have dinner with Jessica and Justin and Patty and Becky and Justin's sister that Jessica said was a bitch.
I'm excited....
Hahah, I know your reading Jessica, "Justin can suck a big fat one"
You should let it ring
they would laugh
you know they would
What are we going to eat for dinner?

Uhm, I'm a little worried for Christmas.
I hope I don't run out of money,
I guess I'll get Christie's and Jessica's first
Christie isn't picky...
Jessica on the other hand..

Wow the clouds just moved and now the sun is out, yay.

Why was shopping canceled Christie?

I have a feeling the party is going to be more awkward then dinner, if you can imagine.

*Hurray for Boat Parades =]*

This is what I found and wanted to show you Jessicafart,

*Please note, that when I thought this was funny it was at 4am in the morning and I was tired. No haters