Saturday, October 25, 2008


The "carnival" sucked.
The rides were 5 bucks a pop.
Christie ditched me that little nugget.
Lauren is my favorite now.
Kamakazi was the bomb...maybe even for 5 bucks.

Glactatron made me so sick, still sick.

Now its only 3.
What a waist.
I think I'm going to get skin cancer.
I hope I can say it was worth it.

O ya sorry to those few readers out there...
*Ahem Jessica*
My Internet was out. But now its back...
Just isn't the same.

I want to tell Jaynee I got Leatherheads with George Clooney and Indiana Jones 4 with Shia....:(

I REALLY REALLY want to watch The Changeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugh why is it R!?!

Monday, October 6, 2008

You know it.

I'm such a kid, I love it.

Sunday was......taco sauce. Didn't feel.......taco sauce.

I can feel the awkwardness coming in like a big rain cloud.
Whatever, it will be fun..hopefully.

Terdler and Gerlder would be a couple, take that back, Merner and Terdler would be a
good couple.
Don't you agree Gerdler?
We gotza fix em up.

Over it, seriously there is nothing I can do now.
Less weekdays more weekENDS.

Block was nice, first time. Disappointed in the cuteness area.

Nick and Norahs was very Q. Who doesn't love Michael Cera? She just needs to keep her mouth shut.

Mile isn't that bad....until after I run it. I guess I didn't get that bad of a time after summer chub.

Don't sue me little bebe.