Thursday, July 31, 2008

I think I just jumped on the "I want a cruiser" trend a couple days ago because I realized how bad my bike was and how good everyone else's was, what jerks. Mary and I just discover our bikes again and we went biking around everywhere, now I don't have anyone to bike with because Mary's butt is still sore, what a nub.
If anyone wants star bucks like I do I will bike with you to St.Bucks and get my famous frap, hold the whip.

I know you know you love me, you just can't admit it yet. Don't worry I'll wait for you to find your brain.

Mary taught me a little part of Paramore's Breathe on the piano, so now we do this really cool duet. The only thing is I marked some of the keys with washable marker so I don't forget where to start. You love it.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Shes does, be jealous,very jealous. I went to the Santa Ana zoo with Jessica Marie, aka Gardiner butt. The elephants weren't out because it was too hot for them, GAYYYYEST SHAT EVER. We also biked to St. Bros like at 10ish, we got chased by a truck for a little but we're to fast for that foo.
We went to Red Robin and I forgot my leftovers at Jessica's, dang flabit. It was fun but Jessica was bossy and I think she is making me a little bit of a push over, I think I need to hang out with Lynn/Kimberly soon. I love being the baby.

Jessica bought me this Panda mask, even though I wanted the zebra, watta bish <3 We cruised around with the masks on and Jessica's zebra print jacket, we got a lot of looks and honks ;D.

I love her niece and her Grandpa.



Monday, July 21, 2008


I went to Bt with Jessica,Jaynee, & Lynn, we saw momma Mia. I think out of us I was the only one who thought it was better than okay; mainly because I have the James Bond movies embedded in my head, thanks mom.
After the movie we went shopping, and i got Jessica yogurt. I got my hat too!!!!
Jessica and I found Lynn and Jaynee sitting at a little table when these 2 sheememo boiss were all like "I know that chick in the hat (me), it's destiny right??" I was all no,no. But of course lovely Jessica was all, no her name is Michelle. I think they thought we lied but w/e. They said some other stuff and we responded [Jessica], but we decided to get Starbucks and meet up with Jaynee/Lynn later. So I got my Starbucks.
I still had a few bucks left so we went back to this one store to look for stuff but it was closed , so we just walked around.
We saw the Bros again! Well I didn't at first. I realized Jessica was motioning to me to turn around. When I turned around I bumbed into the tall bro and started busting up, by this time Jessica has ditched me giggling, so i put in a quick HI! and went towards Jessica's hiding spot.

I love my little adventures with Jessica G$.


You can't erase the past, but you can rewrite the drafts.

just so i don't forget.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I had a really fun girls night with Ariahna it was nice to catch up and talk until 4 in the morning,it was nice to be scared all night and crammed onto one little bunk bed, bed. It was nice to just be able to be me without any worries. I think that's why we have been friends for this long and been able to stay best friends for this long. You were my first friend before i knew it, but i think i did know , and now i will always know what a real bestfriend is.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"We were watching you on the big screen."

A few days ago I went over to Jessica's;we stayed up watching Kevin bacon in his hottie years, FOOTLOOSE. When 'ren' was teaching that big klutz guy to dance Jessica & I randomly got up and started dancing along with them, tehe. We also watched some of flashdance but then Jessica couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the FREAKEN CLIMAX of the movie, what evs.
When you got to put the baby to sleep, you got to put the baby to sleep.

Jessica,Mary, and I were on are way to Jessica's house when we saw Jenny's older brother [to stay nameless for unknown purposes] walking home, not to far from Warner. So for some reason we all screamed "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW" and he flicked us off, LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOOOLOLOL

you had to be there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carmel drumstick

So heres the thing, me and mary both wanted the last carmel filled drumstick. So she decided we flip for it GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. So i was like w/e and i was like i get to call it and you flip. i called heads cause everyone knows that heads always wins, but not this time the STUPID quarter landed on tails so now STUPID mary is eating the STUPID drumstick and now she is STUPIDLY rubbing it in. she is so STUPID.

He Has Long Blonde Hair and is 6` 2

So one day my mom was being nosey because the cops were like swarmed around this house down the street so she went down to the corner where some of the other noise Nate neighbors congregated, she started talking to this one lady who name is Peggy and for some reason they started boasting about their kids, it got so far that my mom said " I have two girls one is 12 and the other is 14, they both play rugby." Peggy (older then my mom) said something like " I have a 15 year old grandson who's 6`2 with long blonde hair and nothing to do on wes. (2maro)

lemme just say WTF, LOL

we told Jessica and now she wants to come over 2maro

in a nut shell lets just say that we might make a new friend and if he ends up reading this - I'm sorry I just had to x]

the mystery meat

the day before Yesterday i went to the oc fair with Jmarie and when we were looking for some place to eat (it was around dinner time and her mom was with us) so i pointed out this sign that i thought was funny cause it was so random.
anyways the sign said "get your smoked turkey leg here" <--or something like that and knowing Jessica she was like " I WANT A SMOKED TURKEY LEG"
so we go over to the stand and order are 3 Texas big legs that are like 10.00 bucks a pop and her mom insisted on buying mine ,which i sorta felt bad for, she was going to buy it with her ATM but for some reason that single stand didn't have the card thing so she had to pay in cash, she didn't have enough cash because she planed on using her card. so i gave her my money, but we were still short, she started pulling out her change, when i noticed Jessica drifting off in embarrassment

i knew i couldn't do anything else so i went over to Jessica, the first thing i noticed was a FIVE DOLLAR BILL IN HER HAND!!!!!!!!! we were only short like 2 dollars so i grabbed it (politely) and gave it to her mom, problem solved



Why does summer play me like this

I wanna get up and do something, i don't want this day to go to waist, I don't want to waist my summer again, I really really don't but i feel like i have no control.

I wanna be like those people that when they want to go to a movie or go to dinner they go RIGHT THEN. They don't wait for tomorrow they just go.
I don't wanna wait for tomorrow, i don't.

I want to be able to drive to Starbucks or jamba juice with out being told "some other time"
I want to have a girls night without having someone tell me " we'll have to plan it for some other day"

it bugs the heck out of me, this feeling of you're old enough to make your own choices, but not old enough to take control of your life. I want to make those plans actions, and not have a reaction.

Uhh, you can me a rookie and I still won't care

this is my first blog spot blog.
i made one mainly because i want to comment others and heck maybe write something once in a blue moon.

but i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if i started to write a lot or name my little buddy blog spot,

so here it is, enjoy.